Gym Time

So, after our failed attempt on tuesday, me and @Cadab finally got to the gym.

We went to Fitness First on Yarm Road, stockton. I had never been for a workout in this gym. Just merely stuck my head in to see what they offered.

It is only small which was a surprise at first as it looks bigger from the outside. It is full of cardio machines like bikes, cross trainers, rowing machines and treadmills. They do have alot of free weights up stairs and some weight benches down the bottom.

We just did some cardio tonight using the cross trainer, treadmill and jammy even had ago on the bikes. It was a good workout considering i havnt been to the gym in what feels like ages. Im going to go back tomorrow and sign up for 4 months and see if i can keep up my appearance there. (Maybe ill go more than twice eh @RebekahEsme ?)

Anyways, i feel shattered now, feel my eye lids trying to close so im going to wrap this up and say goodnight.


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