Billies Traumer

What a bloody nightmare friday night saturday night was.

Becks was doing so we decided to go for a run out to Redcar which is a little town near the sea about 20 minutes up the road from me.

Along from Redcar, about 10 minute drive is a long stetch of road which leads to South Gare. South gare is (I think) a wave breaker built right out into the sea.
The road which leads to it is a twisty single road which is in apauling condition.

When driving bac from a little nose up there I hit what can only be described as a meteor pothole in the road.

My first thought was flat tyre. After driving less than a mile I realised that my first thought was spot on. We rolled into a nearby petrol station.

Because my car is super super sporty, Renault decided it doesn’t need a spare wheel and as a substitute put a spare can of tyre foam in the boot for such occasions. I’ve never bloody used tyre foam before and it didn’t work when I did. Whether the hole in the tyre was too big or what I don’t know, it just squirted into the tyre and did nothing else.

So I made an emergency phone call to @Cadab who drove down to the rescue.

I decided to whip the wheel off my car, chuck it in @Cadab’s boot and get it fixed the following day!

Other than that small hiccup, the night itself was qreat. We had a good takeaway and some beers and set off a load of fireworks in the back garden.

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