Bug Village

Bug VillageName: Bug Village
Platform: Windows Phone 7
Genre: Strategy & Simulation
Xbox Link: Clicky
Progress: Clicky
Compare To Bonxy: Clicky

Comments/Write Up
This was a free download with xbox live integration made by microsoft. The game is based around you feeding your bugs food and this gives you a time limit. Then your bugs collect resources from piles and flowers and you earn XP. The more XP you get the higher levels you reach.

It would be a brilliant game but the fact its full of bugs is so annoying. Achievements are unachieveable and the game bllack screens often.

I got an update today and thought that it would solve all the problems that the game has but no. I have squished over 100 bugs, and the achievement will still not unlock. The game still black screens often and also seems a bit laggy.

Im running the game on my HTC Trophy 7. Its never had any problems before, only with this game!

I hope they fix this game soon.

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