Cher Lloyd

Last night me and @RebekahEsme went down to the 02 Academy, Leeds to go and see Cher Lloyd live in concert.

When pulling up and stepping out the taxi I was shocked at the size of the queue there was already, and we where 30 minutes early!! There was loads of kids with there parents but I didn’t imagine that there would be this many.

So after a longish queue in the freezing wind we reached the academy from doors. They where doing bag searches for food and drink and anything else naughty that you where not allowed to take in. As soon as becks knew this she said to me that they will take her SLR camera off her. They did just that. We had to go to one side and protested for a while before they said that we could go and put it in the cloak room downstairs.

Although this was not the best solution, it was the only option that we had to hand.

We then went up from the basement to the downstairs area of the academy and it was slowly starting to fill up. We got two expensive drinks from the bar and then found a good viewing area. The whole downstairs of the academy was standing with a small area for sitting which was upstairs on the balcony.

With both of us inheriting the tall gene from our parents we could see a lot of the show without even having to move which was a bonus. She had to acts on the stage before her whilst the crowd was filling.

If I remember correctly the first group was called No lights at lockdown and unfortunately I don’t remember the 2nd.

At about 7.15pm Cher came on stage. She sang a variety of songs from her album and also some never heard before covers. They where really good to listen to and the atmosphere was really live in the academy.

The show finished just before 9 and in my opinion was well worth the money.

If you get the chance to see Cher in concert I would take that opportunity as she isn’t that bad. If you go to the 02 Academy anytime soon I would try to avoid the expensive bar and also, don’t take your SLR!!


You can follow Cher and her tour #SticksAndStones2012 on twitter: Cher Lloyd on Twitter.

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