DiRT 3 Completed!

Super Star achievement
Finally, the day has come and i have achieved my last achievement ‘Super Star’ in DiRT 3 and im so happy.

Name: DiRT 3
Platform: Xbox Live
Genre: Racing
Xbox Link: Clicky
Progress: Clicky
Compare To Bonxy: Clicky

This is my first xbox live game that i have ever finished. Ive always liked the DiRT games and DiRT 3 was by far the best in my eyes.

I bought all the extra DLC packages so got the full 1250 G.

Im now going to attempt to complete DiRT 2 as there isnt many more achievements i need to complete it and then that will leave me with DiRT 1 which i have everything to complete. lmao.

Im going to go back to racing now. Bye!

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