Marble Blast Ultra

Marble Blast UltraName: Marble Blast Ultra
Platform: Xbox Live
Genre: Strategy
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Comments/Write Up
Marble blast ultra is one of the oldest xbox live arcade games around. @Cadab had this before me and probably influenced me to buying it so I did and started playing on the 15 May 2008. The game is based on you moving a marble around different maps and collecting gems or beating certain times to the finish line.

Watch the video below to get a feel of what i am talking about.

Yesterday/Today i was browsing on True Achievements and i found some achievements that i did not achieve but where easily achieveable.

So i turned on my xbox and started playing Marble Blast. I went on multiplayer which i dont think id ever played before and got my first achievement.
1st Achievement

I just had to win my first online multiplayer match. Pretty simple!

2nd AchievementSecond one to achieve was to collect a total of 75+ gems in an online game. Pretty easy again!

3rd in line was a bit more difficult. Finish every game in the game. I only had one more to go but it was the Schadenfreude.

In German Schadenfreude means joy in others’ pain or pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others.

3rd AchievementThis is the last level in the game and the hardest. After a long long long attempt (20 mins and 36 seonds) i finally completed it.

After this was the Easter Egg achievement.4th AchievementEaster Eggs are hidding content that are put around the levels for players to find. They are usually in the most obscene places where no one would think to ever look. Well i used youtube videos to source the eggs and after about 2 hours i finally got the achievement! 😀

After this i had 2 achievements to go. One was to score 2000 points in total in online multiplayer matches. This will come with time so there is no real rush for this, the other was to complete all the missions, like the above achievement, but under the par time specified for the missions.

5th AchievementThe last mission, which was the only one i had not completed under par time was infact the Schadenfreude. It had to be completed in under 3 minutes 30 seconds which if you have ever played the mission or seen it you will probably think it was immpossible. Well, I DID IT. Twice infact, as i signed in on @Cadab profile and completed it on there cos im such a good friend .

So happy i got this far. So all i need to do is complete the multiplayer one and then ill have completed the game. So over the next week im probably going to chip away at this achievement until it pops up.2000 points in multiplayer mode

I shall update this when i do.

Bonxy signing out.

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