Building a motorised trike

The Idea

So, the idea is to build a motorised trike. This will be the first time I’ve ever built anything motorised. My inspiration and the guide I’m following is from Colin Furze Youtube video.

This is what I hope it will look like.

Shopping List

  • Engine / 110cc – £239.99 @
  • Throttle – £9.75 @
  • Exhaust – £21.00 @
  • Electric Starter (Optional – Not Required) – £7.99 @
  • 26T Sprocket – £10.27 @
  • Rear Bearings – £19.72 for 2 @
    • I actually found these cheaper on eBay. Try searching “UCFL205″.
  • Rear Axle – £55.80 @
  • Rear Hubs – £71.64 for 3 @
  • Rear Wheels – £45.60 @
  • Seat – TBC.
  • Fuel Tank – £4.30 @ eBay.
  • Steel Work – TBC.


  • There may be a few more items to add to the list which I will add once I’ve started the build.
  • Make sure your axle has a full keyway or at least half and half. This will help out when your trying to align the sprocket on the axle and makes life easier in general.

The Parts

The Build

Rear box section

Bearings Fitted

The T section

Add the curve to fit with the bmx bottom bracket.

The complete rear assembly.


BMX cut up.

Putting it all together.

Attaching the T section to BMX.

Finish for now.

Finished tidying the top section up with the grinder.

Redid the brake setup.

Cleaned the stunt pegs which are now on the front forks.

Difference after a polish.

Temporary fixings for the fuel tank. Will knock up a bracket to permanently fix.

Chain measured and cut.

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