Sunday Morning Run

So, 6 weeks ago, totally spur of the moment, i signed up for a 5K run in aid of the Stroke Association.

Pre Race

This was the first organised run that i had taken part in. It was a local run only down the road in Stockton-on-Tees. Stupidly i didnt do much training but on the day i managed to set a good personal best time of 29.26, averaging 9.28 splits well exceeding my own expectations!

Hopefully i plan on doing a few more 5K’s this year and then maybe push it up to a 10K.

Finish Line #ResRunSelfie

The route. Stockton to Millenium Bridge and back round to Tees Barage!

You can download the route GPX file here – Stockton_Res_Run_5K.gpx

Some Fitbit Data

Unfortunately i didn’t carry my phone around with me so didnt get any Fitbit GPS data. When i reached the finish my Fitbit recorded the right time, but with a distance of 2.36 mile which is 0.84 mile different to what i did. ๐Ÿ™

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