Ice Cream, Bowling, Geocaching & Someone very drunk!

It started late on saturday night. After going to the beach on saturday with @Cadab and Mikey I went home and stayed in as I knew I was taxi driver that night. My fare? @RebekahEsme. She was out with some of her old uni friends in York for an event called ‘Old Jons’. The idea is that everyone who has been to the uni over the years all meet up in York, go to the SU and get wasted, then go to more pubs and get wasted.

Blu from Angrybirds Rio.

During the even before she got uncontrollably drunk I got a text which read ‘I can’t wait to see you at 3! Xx’ to which I was quite shocked at. 3AM?? I’ve never seen her drink past 1AM, but apparently she used to do it all the time. So that was my evening until I got a text off a mate inviting me to Yarm for a cheeky pint or two.
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Manchester Madness

Well what a weekend.

It was my uncles stag do on saturday so I was up at the crack of dawn ready for it. I headed off to pick a friend up at 8.30 PM and then to make my way down to Isaac Wilsons (Weatherspoons) which was near Middlesbrough train station.

Dressed up looking like the nuttiest golfer around we walked into the pub to be met by the rest of the lads who where all dressed alike. Having my first pint at 9AM and a bacon bun, I knew it was going to be a heavy day.

My Outfit

My Outfit

Nipping into Dundas Arcade shortly before heading to the train station to pick up some cans for the journey was an experience in itself. Never got so many looks or sniggers in my life but hey, at least we all as stupid.

We got on the train just in time and went to our reserved seats. 2 tables either side of each other with enough seats for us all.
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