Roseberry Topping

Yesterday me, becks and some friends decided to go for a nice refreshing walk up roseberry topping.

Roseberry Topping

Roseberry Topping is a distinctive hill on the border between North Yorkshire and the borough of Redcar and Cleveland, England. It is situated near Great Ayton and Newton under Roseberry. Its summit has a distinctive half-cone shape with a jagged cliff, which has led to many comparisons with the much higher Matterhorn in Switzerland. It forms a symbolic image of the area and featured as the logo for the now defunct Cleveland County.

At 1,049 feet (320 m), Roseberry Topping was traditionally thought to be the highest hill on the North York Moors;[2] however, the nearby Urra Moor is higher, at 1,490 feet (450 m). It offers views of Captain Cook’s Monument at Easby Moor and the monument at Eston Nab.

@Cadab, @JLBuckton, @KirstmCaldwell and Mikey all came up and joined us in our attempt to reach the peak.

We parked up outside of the main parking area, as they now charge for parking and anything over 2 hours is £4 which in my opinion is a rip off. It took us about an hour and a bit to get to the top which wasnt that bad, then we sat and chatted and took some pictures. We made our decent a different way, taking the steps at the back and then cutting accross a field of some sort back to the main route. The weather was great, bit windy and cold up the top but it was warmer when you where coming down.

You can find some of the photos we took on my FlickR page which is here: Bonxy’s FlickR

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