Ice Cream, Bowling, Geocaching & Someone very drunk!

It started late on saturday night. After going to the beach on saturday with @Cadab and Mikey I went home and stayed in as I knew I was taxi driver that night. My fare? @RebekahEsme. She was out with some of her old uni friends in York for an event called ‘Old Jons’. The idea is that everyone who has been to the uni over the years all meet up in York, go to the SU and get wasted, then go to more pubs and get wasted.

Blu from Angrybirds Rio.

During the even before she got uncontrollably drunk I got a text which read ‘I can’t wait to see you at 3! Xx’ to which I was quite shocked at. 3AM?? I’ve never seen her drink past 1AM, but apparently she used to do it all the time. So that was my evening until I got a text off a mate inviting me to Yarm for a cheeky pint or two.
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Fountains Abbey

Fountains Abbey

In a bit of a last minute decision me and @RebekahEsme decided to meet at Ripon and go for a walk around Fountains Abbey.

Unsurprisingly we both met near Boroughbridge because we are both stupid. I went the wrong way down and ended up on the A1 heading towards Boroughbridge even though I had my sat nav on and she turned off there because “its the way dad goes” and she also had her sat nav on. Oh well.

From Boroughbridge I followed Rebekah as she said she had been a few times before (She quite likes the finer things in life like gardens and theaters. :/). We finally arrived in Ripon and I was sure I had never been to the place in my life even though I only live about 25-30 mile from there. We drove straight through Ripon and out the other side following the brown tourist attraction signs for Fountains Abbey.
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New York Gifts

Unfortunately it was not me who went to New York, it was @RebekahEsme ( ๐Ÿ™ ), but i guess the good thing with having a girlfriend is you get spoilt.

So on her arrival home, i get some very lovely gifts off her! ๐Ÿ˜€

Here is a picture below.

I love my new angrybird, as i do with all my angrybirds! Also, M&M world. We visited here in London back in december and it was amazing. I could never have imagined the place even if anyone tried to explain to me, but becks said it wasnt as good in NY (I think she may have just been saying this to dull it down for me ๐Ÿ™ ).

I also got a pair of Abercrombie & Fitch (We got a situation!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) boxer shorts, which i wont post a pick of as im sure we all know what boxer shorts look like.

Anyways, ill post a link to becks new york blog post and photos when she posts it online.

Today im wearing…Gray T-shirt

Today i went for the lazy boy look.


Outfit 1

I picked up the same gray t-shirt off my bedroom floor i had on yesterday and put it on. I love this t-shirt as its really comfortable and brings out the colour of my eyes.

For my legs, i was feeling rather warm so decided to go for a pair of shirts. Man Utd away kit 09 where the ones of choice. Im not that keen on these shorts as they make my legs look pale but hey.

Outfit 1

Black socks with football logos on the side where the choice for my feet. Although they are thin they keep my toes warm which is only a good thing.


Outfit 1

I went for the XBL chain today. Feature a realistic xbox live wireless headset it really does make you look ‘down with those trumpets’.

Tune in tomorrow for more outfits!


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