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So I woke on sunday after not the best nights sleep in the world in leeds. The night before, me and @RebekahEsme had been to see Cher Lloyd in concert who was pretty spectacular might I add. ( You can read about her concert here:

We had organised to meet up with my sister and my aunty who lives in leeds and she suggested that we go to Roundhay Park as it was such a lovely day. Personally, I didn’t know what to expect at all. Was it going to be a daft butterfly world in the middle of a park full of little brats or something better?? It turned out to be the latter which was to my amazement.

It only cost us roughly £4 each to enter the centre. Once your in there you can walk around the route as slowly or as fast as you wish whilst browsing anything from wood lice to some mammoth fish!! You follow a route which is laid out which takes you into the different environments where the different animals are. Butterflies and Birds just fly all around you. They might even decide to have a little poop on you if your lucky.

They had a butterfly display, which I did try to snap with about 100 butterflies on. It was to show the cycle a butterfly goes through from being a carrot to a butterfly. Its remarkable to see the at all different stages.

Whilst on the walk around you get to see a variety of fish in tanks as well as in ponds. There are crocodiles, spiders, bats, possoms, birds, snakes, mice, rats, meerkats and turtles.

I think the turtles where the funniest for me. They float around in the water like right lazy buggers but when they try to get out the all seem to slide around whilst climbing on top of each other. So funny!

I do recommend anyone to go and visit the park if you have a few hours spare. Its well worth the cheap admission and there is plenty to see and take pictures of. The only problem that I can think about is the heat inside the place. It was a hot day so this would of contributed to the rise inside but oh dear it was really hot.

If you can get over that you will love it!

You can see the rest of the photos here:

All the best!

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