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Today i have been feeling under the weather (Head cold, achy body, general man flu). So with xBonx having a few errors on the site i thought id try and fix them.

Well, i didnt really start fixing them, instead, i started adding a few new features.

The logic has been on the backend script for a while to check out gamerscores but never been put into use as i didnt want to much running on the script until it was fairly stable.

But as of today i have enabled it. Basically at the moment when a user creates a new log (Just by playing any xbox game) it will now get there Xbox Live gamerscore. The system will then work out if it has changed since the last time it was logged, and if so update the new count. Also, there are new badges to win for the bigger achievements you unlock.

Also, the new xBonx points system will be included in this new feature.

With points coming very soon, hopefully before new year, points will be awarded for new games added, new game streaks, achievements unlocked, badges award, leaderships gained, pretty much anything you do can get you points.

Points will just, for the time being, be a novelty on your profile to show off to your friends. But who knows what the future might bring for points on xBonx.

Stay tuned for more updates and of course, have a merry christmas!


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