Climbing Ben Nevis

I’ve always wanted to challenge myself and see how far I could push myself to do something. I guess we all do in different ways. Some of us compile bucketlists which consist of challenges and accomplishments of what they want to do before there time is up.

I’ve done this and number #3 on my bucketlist ( was to climb a mountain.

Ben Nevis

  • The tallest mountain in the UK
  • 4,600 ft high.
  • An average round trip of 15 miles.
  • 110,000 people summit Ben Nevis every year.
  • Part of the Three Peaks challenge.

Most people you speak to know about Ben Nevis. It’s not the hardest mountain to climb. A lot of it is designated footpaths with some routes harder than others. There is no time restrictions and you can stop as much as you like. I saw a wide range of people the day I climbed from 6 to 60 years old.

Some people treated it just like a walk. Not me. 

The first 1000ft of the walk was fine. Small inclines, some big steps to climb up. Easy. It wasn’t until we made our first stop that we felt the strain.

Prior to this I had done zero training. I’d say I’m an active person, I have an active job where I’m moving around average 13,000 steps a day (Tracked via my Fitbit) and have done a few long walks on weekends. We stopped plenty of times on the way up drinking plenty of water and eating snacks to give us energy. The clouds where low the day we climbed which created a nice drizzle in the air which helped us cool a lot faster (We got over halfway up Nevis in just a t-shirt).

Once reaching the 8 switchbacks we knew this is when the proper climbing started.

OK Diner Challenge

A while ago when driving back from #FCS in 2009 me and @Cadab stopped off at OK Diner on the A1 (Northbound) near Grantham. When there we found out that if you visited every OK Diner in the UK (We say every, there is only 8 in the UK) you get unlimited free drinks for life or something like that.

OK_DinerThe idea was born and we said that we would visit every single one just to complete the challenge.

We have visited 1 or 2 of them before but you have to visit each one and save the receipt from each one and then send it to the OK Diner HQ so we are going to have to start this again and save the receipts.

Click here to see the OK Diner map i made on Google Maps.

Heres a list of the restraunts and there completion status!
OK Diner map

  1. Leominster
    Ludlow Road
    HR6 0DQ
    Tel: 01568 614266
  2. Cannock
    WS11 0BN
    Tel: 01543 500 139
  3. Derby
    DE65 6GY
    Tel: 01283 704 800
  4. Northop Hall – Visited
    Gateway Services
    A55 Westbound
    Northop Hall
    CH7 6HB
    Tel: 01244 548 297
  5. New Fox
    A1, Southbound
    Near Grantham
    NG33 5LN
    Tel: 01572 768458
  6. Tickencote – Visited
    B.Oaks Services
    A1 Northbound
    PE9 4AD
    Tel: 01780 480 756
  7. CarltonVisited
    A1 Northbound
    NG23 6JF
    Tel: 01636 822 459
  8. ElwickVisited
    A19 Southbound
    TS27 3HH
    Tel: 01740 644884

Unlock all the official foursquare badges

One of the challenges on my 100 things list is to unlock all the official foursquare badges.

1. Newbie – Unlocked on: 21.11.2010
2. School Night – Unlocked on: 13.12.2010
3. Adventure – Unlocked on: 13.12.2010
4. Local – Unlocked on: 15.12.2010
5. Super User – Unlocked on: 20.12.2010
6. Explorer – Unlocked on: 24.12.2010
7. Bender – Unlocked on: 08.01.2011
8. Superstar – Unlocked on: 16.01.2011
9. Overshare – Unlocked on: 21.01.2011
10. Super Mayor – Unlocked on: 26.01.2011
11. Crunked – Unlocked on: 30.01.2011
12. 4sq Day 2011 – Unlocked on: 16.04.2011
13. Photogenic – Unlocked on: 17.04.2011
14. It’s a boy! – Unlocked on: 17.07.2011
15. Ten Hundred – Unlocked on: 13.10.2011
16. I’m on a Boat – Unlocked on: 22.10.2011
17. Halloween 2011 – Unlocked on: 29.10.2011
18. Jobs – Unlocked on: 29.11.2011
19. Century Club – Unlocked on: 03.12.2011
20. Gym Rat – Unlocked on: 05.12.2011
21. London Calling – Unlocked on: 10.12.2011
22. Sunday Swarm Sunday – Unlocked on: 05.02.2012
23. Sunday Duper Swarm – Unlocked on: 05.02.2012
24. Animal House – Unlocked on: 21.02.2012
25. Leap Day – Unlocked on: 29.02.2012
26. 9 to 5 – Unlocked on: 08.03.2012
27. 16 Candles – Unlocked on: 04.04.2012
28. 4sqDay 2012 – Unlocked on: 16.04.2012
29. Shutterbug – Unlocked on: 21.10.2012
30. Halloween 2012 – Unlocked on: 31.10.2012
31. Player Please – Unlocked on: 02.11.2012
32. I Voted 2012 – Unlocked on: 06.11.2012
33. 4sqDay 2013 – Unlocked on: 16.04.2013
34. Mokum – Unlocked on: 07.02.2013
35. Ich bin ein Berliner – Unlocked on: 10.06.2013
36. Swarm – Unlocked on: 07.08.2013
37. Super Swarm – Unlocked on: 08.08.2013
38. Campus Explorer – Unlocked on: 21.09.2013
39. Halloween – Unlocked on: 31.10.2013
40. – Unlocked on: 00.00.0000


– Ziggy’s Wagon

Due to the page changing alot, im going to post the badges on here and then i can note when i unlock them. 🙂

The badges can be found here:

Bungee Jump

Today was the day that i jumped from the Transport Bridge in middlesbrough and it was fantastic.

The feeling of just free falling towards the water at whatever speed was magnificent. Then when the bungee kicks in and you are bounced back into the air is quality. You bounce quite high when you come back up after the initial jump almost that you think your going to hit the bridge again.

You then plunge back down and then the bungee kicks in for a second time and thats pretty much it. It does only last about 10 seconds in total and then you feel yourself getting lowered back down to the awaiting boat below.

I cant really say much more as it was that amazing i cant put it into words. Although it was a hefty £75 it was well worth it. Id recommend it to anyone!!

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