Climbing Ben Nevis

I’ve always wanted to challenge myself and see how far I could push myself to do something. I guess we all do in different ways. Some of us compile bucketlists which consist of challenges and accomplishments of what they want to do before there time is up. I’ve done this and number #3 on my […]

OK Diner Challenge

A while ago when driving back from #FCS in 2009 me and @Cadab stopped off at OK Diner on the A1 (Northbound) near Grantham. When there we found out that if you visited every OK Diner in the UK (We say every, there is only 8 in the UK) you get unlimited free drinks for […]

Unlock all the official foursquare badges

One of the challenges on my 100 things list is to unlock all the official foursquare badges. Unlocked 1. Newbie – Unlocked on: 21.11.2010 2. School Night – Unlocked on: 13.12.2010 3. Adventure – Unlocked on: 13.12.2010 4. Local – Unlocked on: 15.12.2010 5. Super User – Unlocked on: 20.12.2010 6. Explorer – Unlocked on: […]

Bungee Jump

Today was the day that i jumped from the Transport Bridge in middlesbrough and it was fantastic. The feeling of just free falling towards the water at whatever speed was magnificent. Then when the bungee kicks in and you are bounced back into the air is quality. You bounce quite high when you come back […]