Creamfields 2012

The excitement had been slowly building up for weeks!

It was time for CREAMFIELDS.

Me and @Cadab where in the car and on our way at 3AM to make our way to Runcorn, Cheshire.

A nice easy drive down with some redbulls and music and we arrived at our destination at about 6.15. Perfect timing!!

Once we arrived we unloaded and got our holdalls on our backs. We had learnt from previous years that weight was an issue. Not only where you walking from your car to the site which was roughly a 20 minute plus walk, but then you had to stand and queue which could be for a few hours.

Anyways, once inside, the excitement was bursting. Mud was everywhere and we where wading our way through the muddy paths to the Yellow campsite. This is where we had camped previous years and when we looked at the map it was out the way of the main walk ways so we knew it would be a quieter and safer place to camp.

Once we located the rest of the group, we chucked our bags in, lit the BBQ and cracked the beers open. Creamfields had started!!

We drank away the morning until the arena opened at about 2PM. Once it open, we went inside and decided to go in the ‘Annie Mac Presents’ tent and I think Rudementle where the first act on in there.

We partied on all night after this, visiting the tents for more booze and the odd nap. We seen the likes of Example, Avicci, Guetta, Major Laser, Above & Beyond and some other that I can’t remember.

It was a brilliant first day and when we got back to the tent we where knackered.

We woke up plenty of time during the night as the weather was awful. Rain was a big problem for Creamfields this year. We could feel it flowing under our tent. When we awoke the next morning we couldn’t describe how bad it was.

People had been evacuated from there tents, they where at least underwater by about 2ft. There was a stream that burst its banks and was flowing through the campsites. Everyone was soaked and miserable. We got wind that the event was closed to all the Sunday day ticket holders.

At this point we started thinking if there was going to be a show. We made the group decision that we would leave and miss the sunday. We packed what wasn’t ruined and made our way for the cars. The car park itself was ruined. Cars under 2ft / 3ft of water or abandoned where they where stuck in the fields.

Once we got outside the main gates we heard on the radio and via twitter that creamfields had officially been cancelled.

We had made the right decision. Now just the long drive home…

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