Drive out to Whitby..

So a few weeks ago i organised a drive out for some old school members of a car forum i use called ClioSport. I’ve owned a cliosport for the last 2 and a bit years and love the little car. I like going out for little drives either on my own or with some friends and getting a few pictures in some good spots.

Anyways, back to the drive out. I thought a run out to Whitby to go for some fish and chips, snap some photos and a general mooch about.

We met at Teesside Park this moring at 10PM. Some of us who where there on time got breakfasts and then we waited for the late comers. (Theres always one or two.)

We then set off down the A66, onto te A19, then A174 up past ICI and then through to guisborough. The traffic was quite heavy in fact. Heavier than i thought it would be cos the weather didnt look the best when we woke up this morning.

Anyways, once we arrived at whitby we took some snaps and had something to eat.

Whitby Run Out

Whitby Run Out

We decided we would try and have some fun by choosing a different way back. We headed towards scarborough and then down to pickering before cutting accross to castleton and over the moor roads. The moor roads where by far the best part of the journey. Long winding roads and not much traffic lead to some excellent driving. We did stop half way at the Lion Inn which is like a half way house on the road.

We grabbed a few more pics.

You can see the rest of the pictures on my FlickR set here:

Thanks for looking.