Foursquare Superuser

Foursquare is a big thing for me. I use it daily to check into the places i visit around me. Its good to look back on where i have been on what does and i can also see who i have been with.

You can share your check ins with other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to let your friends know where you are if you want to.

Yesterday eveing i got an email off them telling me that i had been upgraded to a Foursquare Superuser. Superusers are users that help keep Foursquare maintained. We can relocate venues if there GPS is off, edit venues data and settings and also merge and close venues if need be.

It was a total surprise to me when i got the email as i applied in november and had not heard anything since.

I think with the christmas break and new year they might have been a bit busy at Foursquare HQ.

Hopefully ill be able to put my new controls to good use and make Foursquare a better place.