From a thought to reality

Well, it was tuesday last week when i had the idea of the anonymous SMS texting system.

The idea behind it being that a user could sign up, purchase credits, then send a SMS from my website to anyone and make it appear as if it was from anyone.

The requirements i had;
– Easy to navigate site.
– Safe your users details
– A secure log in system
– An SMS provider
– Incorporating paypal to deal with money transactions.

With these ideas in my head i knew how it was going to work and what it was going to do. Alls that i needed was the time to code it and get it up and running.

Wednesday night i got to work on the very basic. I created a MySQL database and created the tables and fields i would need to get the basic site up and running.

I knew i was going to implement the site into the default Bonxy Network theme which is so easy to do using CSS and a simple ‘header’ and ‘footer’ page.

The usersystem, which i love making. I have about 5 different ones from over the years so i took bits and bobs and started to complile them.

I struck a problem when editing the registration system and then i decided to stop and take a break.

Saturday. After a long night of drinking and camping, yes camping in september (We are a bit mad) we drove back to @Cadab’s house hold to make some breakfast.

I took out my laptop and we were both browsing the net. At about 12.00 he decided to come up with a challenge of creating something (APP, program, website) that we could use in roughly 2 hours time.

I couldnt really be arsed with this and decided id just carry on with the SMS program. I did get most of it done and it is very nearly ready to go online. With Paypal integration is where we stuck problems though.

We did manage to battle through it and in the end we came out trumps. Not all that is needed is a few more tweaks on the UI and then the site will be ready to go live.

Ill update more when i can.