I think this is the best game I’ve ever played!

The size of the map, the quality of the story, the artwork involved and all the silly side missions that keep you coming back for hours!!

I haven’t even mentioned the different cut scenes you see when changing between characters or just cruising to top of mount chilliad on a quad bike.

It’s amazing!!

I’m not going to post any spoilers in this post so you are safe to read on.

I’ve been playing this game for 12 days now and have accrued 53 hours to the minute of writing this post. (You can follow my progress here: and have a completion percentage of 86.47% so yeh, I’ve been playing it quite a bit.

Personally I thought the story was brilliant. I liked the intreduction of heists and the fact you can plan them to your own taste makes it a lot better.

You meet so many random characters in the game which keep the story alive and interesting. Each one of the 3 different characters has there own different missions and side missions to do. There is plenty of opportunities to go and kill other gangs whether it is one of Trevers rampages, getting revenge as Franklyn or just trying to protect your family as Michael.

Once you have finished the main story there is plenty to carry on doing. You can follow in true GTA fashion and go and complete all the stunt jumps around the island or find all the pieces of the missing letter. Did someone say pieces of a spaceship?

There is loads to do!! Like sports? Tennis, golf, darts? Fancy watching a film with your online buddies or hitting a bar? There is to much to talk about.

Unfortunately the online is not out yet (comes out 1st October) but it promises to be better than the single player game play.

Organising heists with my online buddies has to be one of my most excitable features that is coming.

I’m going to play a bit more GTA V now so I’ll see you all in the game!

Ciao. 🙂