New Job

So today i had my first day at my new place of work.

I got a transfer last week from ConocoPhillips to Heerema Hartlepool. I was over the moon with this as it meant i would be spending alot more time at home.

After working away from home for the last 2 and a half years its good to be able to go home every night and sleep in your own bed.

The new job is on an enhancement project for a rig which is out in the sea near great yarmouth. You may remember before when i was working at Heerema Hartlepool on another enhancement project for the buzzard.

This new one is alot smaller in size. I dont really know how long i will be on there but for the time being, im happy.

The only downfall is with being at home is im further away from my girlfriend. With her living in Doncaster, its not as close as i was before but im sure we will make it work!