Olympic Lasers

So at the weekend me and my girlfriend @RebekahEsme decided to drive to #Newcastle to go and see the Olympic Lights.

The Olympic Lights are a set of 7 lights of different colours which when lit together look like a rainbow. Ok, so there more lasers than lights. These things can apparently be seen from up to 20 mile away, but @RebekahEsme said she definitely seen them up to about 40 miles away. *debatable*

Well, we arrived in Newcastle at about 9PM and it was pitch black. There was alot of traffic at that time of night around St Marys Lighthouse, Whitley Bay which is where the lasers where based.

I thought the lasers did a display or did somthing wild but i was wrong. Alls they did was just shine in a straight line. Dont get me wrong they did shine some distance and did look good, but with a £50,000 price tag, it seemed a bit of a waste in my eyes but hey. What do i know ? 😛

Anyways, i did take a few pictures on my phone but @RebekahEsme did take some brilliant photos which can be found on her FlickR account here: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjz3cU52

Here are some of the pictures i took.

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