Had a mint day paintballing with @Cadab at pointblank.

He went and bought the paint yesterday and decided to try out some better paint to the normal unbranded paint that we usually run with. It cost us £5 more than normal but was definatly worth it. You can tell it makes a difference using the good stuff although i did have a few break in my barrel (I have a feeling the barrel may have a slight kink in it 🙁 ).

We did the normal routene which included missing out on speedball but playing alimo and trenches, followed by lunch then VC.

@Cadab ran with the camera on his gun today (Will get the videos sorted later).

Our first game was Alimo which we started on the attacking team. They where 2-0 down at this point.

I said that i would sprint down the trench and get right around the back and @Cadab said he was going to go down the middle of the field and lay down as much fire as he could taking out as many as he could. I then through a smoke down when i had ran around the back of the alimo and used it as a diversion so i could push forward towards the walls of the alimo.

@Cadab pushed forward and we took out most of the players in the alimo. Great first game.

We then had to defend the alimo. We started off well but we lost alot of players fast and i ended up being one of two left in at the end and then took a shot to my arm. I went to the deadbox and then the young lad who was left ended up following me out shortly.

Next up was trenches which i won withing 20 seconds of the game starting with the help of @Cadab covering me. Sadly we didnt get the point as the marshalls said we cheated. B******ds. HA

Second go at trenches and i thought if we cant win it, im just going to wipe the whole team out. So we did the plan again with the help of @Cadab covering me i ran over ‘no mans’ land and into the opposite trench. I took out about 3 people then reloaded my hopper with more paint. I worked my way through the trenches taking out anyone i came accross. I took about 15 people out, and when there was none left i let @Cadab win it for us. One of the best games of trenches ive ever played.

We then all went back for lunch. Sandwiches monster munch and fruit. Athletes lunch IIRC. 😉

We went out after lunch and played VC. Its set out where the attacking team have unlimited lives and have to push up the field over the bridge into the other teams base taking them out before one of us gets to the back of the map to win. The defending team dont have unlimited lives.

We defended first and took a really good position in a little shelter to the left of the bridge. Me and @Cadab took turns defending the bridge and spraying out over the water to take out and stragglers at the back. We hammered that game and not one of the oposition made it to the back shelter. Brilliant!!

Now it was for us to attack. The key to attacking (Since we have unlimited lives) is to conserve bullets and just run accross the bridge and take out the enemy when you get close enough. Usuallly its just the odd one or two mad people who run accross but to our surprise the whole team were up for it. Ive never seen this in all my time paintballing at pointblank. About 18 of our team charged the bridge and got into really good positions. I got shot and so did a few others. We came back to the first aid truck, wiped our paint and they wanted to charge again. I was shocked. We all charged and got accross the bridge into a really good position. Took out a few members then i counted down and told everyone to charge again. We ended up winning with about 10 team members at the back shelter. Never have i had such a good team of players who obviously really wanted to win this game!

It made my day in all honesty. This was our last game. We went back to the safe zone and packed up after a really good day of paintballing!

Hopefully there will be more to come!!

Edit: Here are the awaited videos!!

Cadab winning Trenches
Alamo Attack