Radio Codes

Im a regular member of a Clio enthusiasts site called and there is always threads online about how people have forgot or cant find there radio unlock code.

Renault and a lot more car manufacturers now add this little bit of security to a standard radio unit to detour car thieves.

The code has to be entered every time the radio is disconnected from the power source. Serial Number

If you go to renault for your unlock code, they will charge you around £20.

So, i found a program online that could decode your radio security number and display you your unlock code. I let @Cadab take a look at the program and he managed to knock together a script which would go through and display all the unlock codes that the program could offer. (26,500 in total.)

So then it was down to me to make a simple PHP website that would offer an easy to use system with paypal integration to offer users there radio code instantly!

The site was built and online within about 2 hours. You can see the site here:

The site does not need any maintenance at all and will hopefully tick over in the background for the near future.

I am looking for new ways to integrate more car manufacturers to the unlock code site to bring in more users!