Scarefest Wakefield

I have just got in from Scarefest in Wakefield. My girlfriend @RebekahEsme decided to surprise me buy getting us some tickets for the event. 😀

It starts by driving into a big open field where there are loads of men dressed as ghouls. You walk through a shed sort of thing where they check your names off on a sheet. Then you walk in and then there are loads of people dressed up all over the place.

Scarefest Monster

The first thing you come to is the ‘fun house’. Its a pitch black circus tent and there was loads of herrace fencing inside to make like a maze and lots of strobe lights which kinda blinded you. It was good though as all the nutters inside ran around banging and screaming.

You then had to walk down to the ‘Haunted Forest’. As we where walking down the path minding our own business a guy jumped out of the bushes with a working chain saw and started revving it. Was well good.

After than you walked around the haunted forest and there is loads of people in there waiting to scare you and there is also a load of gear set up working off pulleys. (Some really good ideas in all fairness.)

When you carried on walking came to the ‘Under Ground Mine’. Dirty white hard hats had to be worn in the mine as there where some really low beams that you would bang your head on. There was loads of people inside it and probably one of the best bits of the event.

Once you left the cave and discarded your hat hard in the pile you carried on making your way to the ‘Haunted Church’. This was quite the same as the first fun house by having herrace fencing making a maze again but the monsters where more scarier.

On leaving the end of the castle maze you made your final trek down the path toward ‘Freedom’. There was a lot more scary people on just the path heading home.

In all fairness I really enjoyed the night out. Would definatly do it again if I have the time.

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