NEMM – The Big One

Well, a few friends off had been talking about a little meet over Teesside Park as part of ‘The Big One’ which was a meet by NEMM (North East Modded Motors) for there 10th anniversary.

In fairness, i under estimated the size of the meet. There was easily in excess of 1000 cars. Some lovely looking motors there and i snapped away at a few.

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Drive out to Whitby..

So a few weeks ago i organised a drive out for some old school members of a car forum i use called ClioSport. I’ve owned a cliosport for the last 2 and a bit years and love the little car. I like going out for little drives either on my own or with some friends and getting a few pictures in some good spots.

Anyways, back to the drive out. I thought a run out to Whitby to go for some fish and chips, snap some photos and a general mooch about.

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Billies Traumer

What a bloody nightmare friday night saturday night was.

Becks was doing so we decided to go for a run out to Redcar which is a little town near the sea about 20 minutes up the road from me.

Along from Redcar, about 10 minute drive is a long stetch of road which leads to South Gare. South gare is (I think) a wave breaker built right out into the sea.
The road which leads to it is a twisty single road which is in apauling condition.

When driving bac from a little nose up there I hit what can only be described as a meteor pothole in the road.

My first thought was flat tyre. After driving less than a mile I realised that my first thought was spot on. We rolled into a nearby petrol station.

Because my car is super super sporty, Renault decided it doesn’t need a spare wheel and as a substitute put a spare can of tyre foam in the boot for such occasions. I’ve never bloody used tyre foam before and it didn’t work when I did. Whether the hole in the tyre was too big or what I don’t know, it just squirted into the tyre and did nothing else.

So I made an emergency phone call to @Cadab who drove down to the rescue.

I decided to whip the wheel off my car, chuck it in @Cadab’s boot and get it fixed the following day!

Other than that small hiccup, the night itself was qreat. We had a good takeaway and some beers and set off a load of fireworks in the back garden.

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Cliosport – Convert Hubs To Studs

I had a few people ask me about it so i took some pictures just to show you.

I bought all my gear from: in case you wanted to know.

This is how i started. I wanted to put 20mm spacer on so i get the correct studs which could account for this, remember that you need enough to go through the spacer and the wheel and have enough thread for the nut to tighten onto.

Before putting the studs into the hubs, i put the nuts on the end as this makes it easier to put them in.

The nuts and studs can get cross threaded like any other so you need to take your time and be careful when installing them.

2 of the studs with the nuts on.

The spacer that will sit on the studs.

The cap/ring which makes the wheel sit perfectly on the spacer and stops it from wobbling or anything else.

Right, after putting the nuts on the studs, i got some locktite to secure the nuts into the hub, as i didnt want them coming out everytime i tried to take a wheel nut off. Once i put some locktite on i screwed it into the hub as tight as i could.

Then i repeated the process for the others!

After i had screwed them into the hub tightly, i left them there for about 20 mins. Depending on the locktite you use you might have to leave it there longer. Read the back and it should tell you how long it will take to go solid.

Once i had left them for the recommended time, i used my power bar to take the nuts off the studs, which then left them like this ready for the buts to go on!

There is a ring that you buy to go in the back of the spacer so they sot perfectly on your old hubs and aligns them correctly.

This goes on before the spacer.

Picture of the spacer on the hub ready for the wheel.

Then it was ready for the wheel to go on, and to start putting the nuts on. It is easier if you put all the nuts on first so the wheel doesnt move about when trying to tighten.

As you can see in this picture also is the other end cap/ring that goes onto the spacer to align the real correctly.

Then i put my center cap on and you cant even tell

Any questions ill happily answer.

Also, thanks to hutchie for the help he gave me and the ideas!

Thanks, Sam!