Volvo L350f Front Loader

Title – Volvo L350f Front Loader Build Time – 7 hours Pieces – 1,636 Purchased – 7th November, 2015 FlickR Link – Lego Link – The Volvo l350f Wheel Loader is one of Volvos biggest front loaders. Weighing in at nearly 50 tonnes, producing 560 horse power and lifting up to 15 tonnes […]

Lego Simpsons House

Title – Simpsons House Build Time – 8 hours Pieces – 2,523 Purchased – 1st June, 2014 FlickR Link – Lego Link – So as soon as i heard the news that Lego where going to release a Simpsons House model i knew i would have to buy it. The build took me […]

Its A Digger…

Title – Lego Excavator Build Time – 5 hours Pieces – 1,123 Purchased – 8th November, 2013 FlickR Link – Lego Link – So this is my third Lego Technic build and is model 42006. (You can see all my lego builds here: So i bought this a few months ago. I […]

Another Lego Truck

Title – Service Truck Build Time – 5 hours Pieces – 1,275 Purchased – 13th October, 2013 FlickR Link – Lego Link – Well after buying my first Lego Technics model back in January ( I decided it was time to invest in a bigger one. My birthday wasn’t far out so I […]

Lego Tow Truck Build

Title – Tow Truck Build Time – 4 hours Pieces – 953 Purchased – 19th January, 2013 FlickR Link – Lego Link – I was as excited as a fat kid in a sweet shop when I got my Lego Technic Tow Truck. As a kid I had loads of Lego. I used […]