Mobile Phone History

After my antics with my Blackberry last weekend I decided to throw together a quick post on my mobile phone history through my life.

I think i was about 9 years old when I got my first pay as you go mobile phone. My mam give me one of her old ones so she could ring me or I could ring her when I was walking home from playing footy over the field.

15. iPhone 5
14. Blackberry Bold 9900
13. Blackberry Bold 9780
12. HTC Trophy 7
11. Blackberry Curve 8520
10. Blackberry Curve 8310
9. Nokia N96
8. Nokia N95
7. Nokia 6288
6. Nokia 3220
5. Samsung D600
4. Nokia 8210
3. Nokia 3310
2. Nokia 3210
1. Siemens (Small blue phone with ariel)

I’ll keep this updated as I keep buying more phones. Ha.

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