PHP Widgets

As some of you may know I’m currently in the process of create my very first WordPress plugin (Xbox Achievements).

The idea behind the plugin is you will enter your gamertag in the settings and the rest is done by the app. It will download your game library and achievements for display on your blog.

Achievement Widget
One of the main features I’d like to include is a recent achievement list. Everyone wants to know what the last achievements you earned are? What games you have been playing recently?

So, I decided to include a widget!

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xBonx Online Sessions

Ive been playing with xBonx quite a bit today thinking of and adding some new features to the service.

Today i have finished off adding some logic that is going to start timing a user online sessions.

I already have some logic that updates a users profile to see if there online or offline and then posts it on there profile.

So i implemented logic to log into a table when a user comes online and then it wont update the end time until the user turns there xbox off.

Now i have got the logic recording the time some starts playing a game and the time someone finishes i can write some logic to work out the time the user has been online and hopefully sort it into online times per day and then make some nice graphs and charts.

The whole idea behind xBonx was to collect and create the most stats we can for user and ther xbox.

More ideas will be coming soon.

Games Manager

I had a bit of spare time today so i decided i would work on some more of the back end control for

Games are added automatically. When the system adds a users log it checks to see if the game they are playing is in the database. If the game is not it is added.

Game Manager

The system will then send an email to a xBonx admin member who will be able to review a game the added game and add more information like game image and descriptions and anything else that applys. Other than doing this in the PHP MyAdmin there was no other way you could edit a game.

So i decided id make a quick way to manage games and edit there details in the admin section of the website.

It was really simple to do and has worked quite nice. Using the same ammended code as i wrote for the award manager i came up with something like this.

Game Manager

This will tell me what new games have been added and if they need reviewing or extra details adding.

I want to make it (In the near future) get the information it needs automatically at the time the game is added using an xbox RSS or API but for the mean time, this does the job nicely.


A while ago i created a little notepad script so me and my mate could edit bits of code we created when we where in different locations by just clicking the save button.

It was a really easy script to build with it just writing everything in the text box to a .txt file.

Here is some of the logic.

Like i say, really easy just using the fwrite function.

If anyone wants to have a play they can.


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