Volvo L350f Front Loader

Title – Volvo L350f Front Loader
Build Time – 7 hours
Pieces – 1,636
Purchased – 7th November, 2015
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The Volvo l350f Wheel Loader is one of Volvos biggest front loaders.

Weighing in at nearly 50 tonnes, producing 560 horse power and lifting up to 15 tonnes per bucket load. This is an enormous machine and The Lego Group decided to make a fitting replica.

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Another Lego Truck

Title – Service Truck
Build Time – 5 hours
Pieces – 1,275
Purchased – 13th October, 2013
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Well after buying my first Lego Technics model back in January ( I decided it was time to invest in a bigger one.

My birthday wasn’t far out so I decided to go for the Lego HGV Tow Truck (42008).

Lego HGV Tow TruckThis one unlike the other was fully motorized with hydraulic T-bar and boom including winch. It also had rear stabilizer legs for picking up heavy loads.

This one was far more complex that the first one and the main gearbox to control everything was a lot more complicated and fiddly. Once the engine and the gearbox was built it went quite easy from there.

Lego HGV Tow Truck Lego HGV Tow Truck

In total I think it was a 1500 piece set and took around about 5 / 6 hours to complete.

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