Text 2 Voice has arrived.

Text 2 Voice is a new feature that we have just released tonight.

It uses Tropo, its a voice sms website which allows you to access it through an API. This means that we can create an account and make a form on our website to access the api which then lets us make the phone calls we need to send our users messages.

Its a really simple system and there are loads of other variables you can use to make the perfect system for you.

@Cadab wrote alot of the code to with tropo and the voice calling. I spent most of my time prepping the new pages, creating forms and updating database fields ready for the new script to go online to both the main website and the mobile website.

We tried to keep it as simple as possible, which is within theme of our whole website. It still works off the original credit system but this time we deduct 5 credits per call. The reason we had to up it to 5 credits is because the price Tropo charge us. We dont want to be at a loss so we break even with our new price stratergy.

So how does it work ? – Well it so easy. You go to the page on the website T2V then you just type in a phone number and a message and just click send. We do the rest!

This is some of the backend code that @Cadab created for the system to work.

Anyways, we have released the new version of the website to the public. Will update on how it does.