Today im wearing…Overalls

Today i was working as i do everyday so i decided i would take a pic of my work fashion.


We wear full length blue overalls which are quite thick as they are flame retardent and they need to be durable because of the amount of times they get snagged on things.

To keep me warm i wear my bomber jacket <3. It is looking a bit sorry for itself at the moment, probably could do with a wash or a new one if im lucky. I have my lovely steel top capped louboutin boots which keep my feet safe and are also surprisingly comfortable. (Ahem) Accessories

For safety reason i have to wear my white hard hat. On there i do have some extras.

My ear muffs for blocking out excess noise and keeping my ears warm. (I also wear ear plugs 100% of the time whilst on site).

Head Torch so i can see in them dark places.

Safety Specs to keep any unwanted harmful crap out of my eyes!

Traffi Gloves to keep my hands clean and stop me cutting myself.