Today im wearing…Gray T-shirt

Today i went for the lazy boy look.


Outfit 1

I picked up the same gray t-shirt off my bedroom floor i had on yesterday and put it on. I love this t-shirt as its really comfortable and brings out the colour of my eyes.

For my legs, i was feeling rather warm so decided to go for a pair of shirts. Man Utd away kit 09 where the ones of choice. Im not that keen on these shorts as they make my legs look pale but hey.

Outfit 1

Black socks with football logos on the side where the choice for my feet. Although they are thin they keep my toes warm which is only a good thing.


Outfit 1

I went for the XBL chain today. Feature a realistic xbox live wireless headset it really does make you look ‘down with those trumpets’.

Tune in tomorrow for more outfits!