Weekend Wonders

Hi guys.

Im going to keep this short and sweet as i have to be up for 6AM as i have an exam tomorrow.

Its been a good weekend for me. Me and my mate went down to visit my aunty and her mate at swainby where they where camping out. We ended up getting quite drunk playing cards and staying over the night.

On saturday morning, we went back to my mates house and decided to make a full english breakfast as we where both starving. Then we had a nice afternoon of coding. See here: Project SMS.

Today (Sunday) i had a nice lay in and did a bit more coding on the above project. I then watched the Singapore F1.

After this i met up with @Cadab and Darren and went for a kick about up Elementis. We left there at about 6 ish as i had an 11 a-side game at St Bede’s in Billingham.

Thats pretty much it. Sorry for the breif-ness.