Weekend Wonders

Hello blogees.

The is the first blog im writing on my new laptop. Sadly, on friday, my beloved dell laptop, which served me so well in the last 3 years died. It wouldnt charge and wouldnt turn on. Ive took it into the computer store to see if they could possibly fix it as id love to have it back as a back up laptop but ive not yet heard from them. Ill have to contact them this week to see whats happening.

The weekend itself was mainly centered around my step mams birthday. The plan was to all go to leeds as thats where my two step sisters live and then we can go out as a whole family for somthing to eat and a few drinks.

I invited my girlfriend and my two steps sisters invite there boyfriends and then there was my aunty and other sister.

We started at my aunty’s flat at about 6 for pre drinks and decided that instead of going out for food we would just order in pizzas. A variety was ordered in and we stuffed our faces whilst downing more alcohol.We then got taxi’s into town and went for more drinks and a dance. The night was really good. We to numerous different places and ended up in the kebab shop as you do. Me and my girlfriend then went back to the hotel where we where staying.

Today (Sunday) i have pretty much done nothing. We woke up and went for a full english complementry of the hotel and then decided to walk to my aunty’s apartment accross the center of leeds as they had not woken up to come and pick us up.

We walked through leeds city center and we came accross a selection of closed roads where there was an Amistice Day parade on. Here is a video that i filmed of the parade.

Anyways, after we finally got to my auntys. I messed on with the cameras and the laptop and stored all the pictures on the computer and got them uploaded to my space.

Shortly after that my dad drove us back home from leeds and i slept the whole distance. #TiredBonxy

After that i have done nothing but sleep and watch films. Good times.
Shame ive got to go to work tomorrow but hey, thats life.

Good night blog. 🙂