Welcome, Charge HR

Resting HR StatsSo after owning my Fitbit Flex since March ’14 and accumulating a mass total of 2,817,405 steps equating to nearly 1,500 miles i have decided to upgrade to a new type of wearable tech.

Sticking with Fitbit as i like there style of products and there website / app i upgraded to the Charge HR. The HR standing for Heart Rate!

Yes, ive been waiting for this little gadget to be released for about 6 months now. The Charge HR’s smaller brother, The Charge was released back in November ’14 and it was crammed with some new cool features.

Crammed with features such as;

  • All day active tracking including steps, calories, floors climbed and active minutes
  • A smart OLED display which display modes, date and time and stats
  • On screen caller ID which connects VIA bluetooth to your smartphone
  • A excellent 7 – 10 days battery life
  • Auto sleep detection with silent alarms

The Charge HR does have a shorter predicted battery life as it supplies continuous heart rate tracking 24 hrs a day.

Fitbit StepsIve only been wearing the Charge HR since friday (4 days ago) and ive found it really good. The heart rate tracking works really nice and is quite accurate when comparing my heart rate with another accurate device.

Another great feature for me is the automatic sleep detection. When the Charge HR sees your heart rate slow down (which it does when you are sleeping) it tracks how your sleeping.

The one thing that has been bothering me about the Charge HR. Im finding it uncomfortable at times. I sometimes wake up on a morning and my wrist feels stiff. I dont know if this is down to it sleeping into a bad position on my wrist bone or if its me trying to get used to the bigger device (The Charge HR is at least twice the width of my Flex).

Other than that im really pleased with my Charge HR.

You can see my Fitbit Statistics here – http://bonxy.info/fitbit.php


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