Xbox Live Stats

Right, ive copied this from another site that i found whilst doing a wild google search and the original post is from 2007.

But, the 360 had only been out a year since the article, and xbox live not really much more. Maybe 2-3 years.

Heres the article.

Xbox Live has hit 6,000,000 users, and to commemorate the occassion, Microsoft have released some stats on the service and how people have been using it. Warning: SILLY NUMBERS AHEAD.

Since Xbox Live’s inception, there’s been 2,300,000,000 hours spent playing games on the network. Which is 95,000,000 days. Which is 260,000 years.
2,000,000 text and voice messages are sent over the service every day.
Average number of gamers on your friends list? 22.
Nearly 300,000,000 achievement points have so far been unlocked. Which adds up to a collective, hivemind-esque gamerscore of 7,500,000,000.

See? Silly numbers. When, at the dying of the sun, High Priestess Xanthorg remarks upon mankind’s most lasting achievements before all known existence is extinguished in a celestial furnace, surely she will speak of the 260,000 years we spent playing Xbox Live.

Still fun, though, I wonder how long it would take a single person to earn 7,500,000,000 achievement points. Just to say “today, I have bested what was once the collective output of all humankind”. Get cracking, score whores.

Full, silly press release after the leap. Luke Plunkett

Xbox 360 | Momentum Fact Sheet

Xbox 360

More than 10 million Xbox 360s have hit store shelves since launch in November 2005, and more than 160 high definition games are now available, including Viva Pi ata, Gears of War and Crackdown.

Xbox 360 is available in 37 countries.

The overall software attach rate for Xbox 360 is 4.6 titles per console in the United States with a record-breaking accessory attach rate of 2.9 units per console.

Xbox LIVE Connectivity & Usage:

More than 6 million people are now members of Xbox LIVE.

Following the launch of the Xbox LIVE online gaming network in November 2002, gamers have spent over 2.3 billion hours on the network playing games online with their friends around the world. This is equal to 95 million days of gaming or over 260,000 years. With our top title, Halo 2, which is being played on both the Xbox and Xbox 360, gamers have spent over 710 million hours playing online with over a half a billion games played.

In fact, online gaming through Xbox LIVE is now a proven form of mainstream entertainment. The 18-34 male audience is comparable in size to the same audience tuning in to see the most popular network TV shows like CSI or The Office.

Xbox LIVE on Xbox 360 continues to grow as a social community; we are seeing an average of over 2,000,000 text and voice messages sent every day between members on the service.

The average Xbox LIVE Gold subscriber has 22 friends on their Xbox LIVE friends list.

To date, Xbox 360 owners have unlocked nearly 300 million Achievements. All of those unlocked Achievements have created a total combined Gamerscore of nearly 7.5 billion.

Top WW Xbox LIVE Titles on Xbox 360 to date:

1 Halo 2
2 Gears of War
3 Hexic HD
4 Call of Duty 2
5 Ghost Recon 3
6 Call Of Duty 3
7 Oblivion
8 PGR3
9 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas
10 Perfect Dark Zero

(Based on the number of unique users)

Xbox LIVE Marketplace:

Consumers have quickly jumped to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace as their one-stop download center. More than 70 percent Xbox LIVE members are downloading content from Marketplace, driving more than 135 million downloads since the launch of Xbox 360.

Xbox LIVE Marketplace is home to more than 7,000 pieces of individual gaming and entertainment content, downloadable at the click of a button.

Gamers have also quickly adopted the new Microsoft Points stored value system, with more than 5 Billion points activated on Marketplace to date.

Online entertainment through Xbox LIVE is not just limited to games. Xbox 360 is the only console offering movie and TV downloads, and the new Xbox LIVE Video Marketplace (available in the US only) is packed with HD content from top partners such as Paramount, MTV Networks and CBS. As a result, nearly 50% of Xbox LIVE members in the U.S. log into Xbox LIVE Marketplace every time they turn on their console.

Xbox LIVE Arcade:

Xbox LIVE Arcade has been an instant hit on the Xbox 360, with nearly 70% of all connected consoles already downloading and playing Xbox LIVE Arcade titles.

Xbox LIVE Arcade has now surpassed 25 million downloads from its diverse library of original development and classic titles from the world’s best independent and established developers and publishers.

Top worldwide Xbox LIVE Arcade titles on Xbox 360 to date (based on total number of full game downloads):
1. Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting
2. Bankshot Billiards 2
3. Marble Blast Ultra
4. UNO

I was shocked when readying it and it made me think of the current day stats that xbox hold.

Id love to know what they where!