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Microsoft Flight

Microsoft Flight Art
Achievements4 / 38
Started12/03/2012 - 2,748d ago
Time Tracked3h 7m
Last Online19/02/2013
PlatformWindows Live
Times Played4
Streak1 / 1


Fly Buddy - 30
Catch this achievement.
Unlocked 19/02/2013
Download a Free Preview - 15
It's more fun when you can see what aircraft people are flying in multi-player.
Unlocked 16/03/2012
Crashtastic - 5
Even the best pilots have mishaps, but with one out of the way, you should be good.
Unlocked 12/03/2012
Fledgling Career - 5
This is where it all begins. You're on your way to being a pilot.
Unlocked Offline
Aerocache Neophyte - 10
You're on your way to finding a lot of Aerocaches!
Ten Aerocaches of the Day - 20
Ten Aerocaches of the Day.
Aerocache Hound - 35
You've found 50 Aerocaches.
Pentacontacache - 50
Fifty Aerocaches of the Day
G-LOC - 10
Twelve times your body weight is very unhealthy.
Redout - 10
Be a pushover and get the redout.
Inverted - 30
You must like blood pooling in your eyeballs flying inverted so much.
Inverted Down Low - 30
Low is fun. Upside down is fun. Try it.
Dizzy - 30
5 consecutive spins is a lot of times around. Hopefully you pulled out before hitting terra firma.
Aerobat - 40
Aerobatics is a skill not everyone will perfect.
Mach 1 - 20
Break the barrier.
Silent and Deadly - 30
Wow! A deadstick landing with no fuel. Insane skills!
32K - 40
Altitude in this case, not money.
Backwards - 50
If the wind is really blowing, it's not too hard to fly backwards, but landing is another story.
Icon A5 Landing Master - 30
The Icon A5 is a pretty easy aircraft to land. The others will be a lot tougher.
Stearman Landing Master - 40
While the Stearman is easy to fly, landing is a very different proposition.
RV-6A Landing Master - 40
The last two RV-6A landing challenges will require a bit more focus.
Maule M-7-260C Landing Master - 50
The M-7-260C can perform some landings that most aircraft can't. You've mastered these scenarios.
Princely Cargo - 20
Princely cargo for Princeville.
Maui Bound - 20
Transport passengers to Maui for some rest and relaxation.
Tormentor - 20
Tormenting your passengers is generally frowned upon, but it's entertaining.
Flying Zoologist - 20
Animals can make interesting passengers.
Under the Radar - 40
Wonder what all that cargo you're moving is. Must be quite valuable.
Gold Rush - 40
It's tough to get gold on all of these challenges. Be sure to pick the right plane for the task.
Military Brat - 20
There are many military bases throughout the Hawaiian islands.
Hawaii Explorer - 50
One way to explore your surroundings and become a better pilot is to land at all the airports.
Mission Accomplished - 75
You’ve racked up a lot of flight time on these missions, which you can see in your Pilot Profile.
XP Grinder - 75
Grinding for XP can be quick or slow depending on how you do it.
Liquid Airstrip - 25
Rivers can make excellent landing spots as long as you stop over dry ground.
Airborne Mountaineer - 25
Why climb a mountain when you can fly to the top?
Alaskan Gold Mine - 50
Strike it rich by getting gold in the Alaska challenges.
Alaska Landing Master - 50
Alaska is a challenging environment but you’ve proven your skills.
Northern Exposure - 25
Completed a job to the northernmost airstrip in the United States.
Centi-Explorer - 100
With thousands of airports around the world, visiting 100 is a good start.