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Sudoku Art
Achievements8 / 8
Started23/12/2011 - 2,613d ago
Time Tracked8h 9m
Last Online02/10/2012
Times Played4
Completion Date02/10/2012 - 285d


Ultimate - 10
Reached the Ultimate rank.
Unlocked 02/10/2012
Gotta play 'em all - 10
Finish a puzzle in each difficulty in both Classic and Lightning modes.
Unlocked 24/01/2012
Winner - 5
Solve your first Expert puzzle in Classic mode.
Unlocked 24/12/2011
Minuteman - 5
Solve a puzzle in under a minute.
Unlocked 24/12/2011
Pfffff, pencils - 5
Finish a puzzle without using any pencil marks.
Unlocked 23/12/2011
I don't need those... - 5
Finish a puzzle without using any powerups as rank: Player or higher.
Unlocked 23/12/2011
Overload - 5
Max out the combo multiplier in Lightning mode.
Unlocked 23/12/2011
Never too proud - 5
Give up on a puzzle to earn points.
Unlocked 23/12/2011