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Gamerscore: 35
Achievements: 7 / 10
70% Completed
Started: 2606 Days Ago
8 Hrs Tracked
Last Online: 05/03/2014
Platform: WP
Times Played: 5


High Five! - 5
Win a speed mode game with more than 10 seconds left on the clock.
Unlocked on 05/03/2014
Training wheels - 5
Win a game on a minefield that is at least 12x12.
Unlocked on 08/10/2012
Use what now? - 5
Completed a minefield without using any flags on a minefield that is 9x9 or larger.
Unlocked on 23/09/2012
Piece of cake! - 5
Completed a minefield with five digs or less.
Unlocked on 24/01/2012
I don't need those - 5
Win a game without using any powerups ranked as Player or higher.
Unlocked on 30/10/2011
Click click BOOM! - 5
Triggered a mine on the second click.
Unlocked on 30/10/2011
Happens to Everybody - 5
Trigger your first mine.
Unlocked on 30/10/2011
Ultimate - 5
Reached the Ultimate rank.
Serious Business - 5
Reveal a square with a 6 or higher.
The world is safe... for now - 5
Win a game on each difficulty in both Classic and Speed modes.