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Splosion Man

Splosion Man Art
Achievements0 / 12
Started26/11/2010 - 3,220d ago
Time Tracked1h 8m
Last Online04/02/2019
PlatformXbox 360
Times Played4
Streak1 / 1


Get Them Out of Our Schools - 10
Eliminate 10 Scientists and stop them from spreading their filthy lies.
Master of Controls - 10
Change the controls around in the "Controls" menu.
You're the Best Around! - 25
Complete the Single Player game.
A Little Help from Your Friends - 25
Complete the Multiplayer game.
Omaha SteaksĀ®, Delicious! - 15
Create 5,000 filets.
Not a Portal Reference - 25
Collect all 47 cakes in Single Player mode.
Sugar High - 25
Collect all 47 cakes in Multiplayer mode.
Get Over Yourselves - 10
Select "Credits" from the "Help & Options" menu and watch the whole thing.
Only Gandhi Would Be Proud - 10
Complete a level without killing any Scientists.
Lay Off the Caffeine - 10
Splode 300 times in a single level.
All Hail The Splode King - 25
Complete the Single Player game in Hardcore mode.
Eventual Destruction of a Galaxy - 10
Release The Maw from his cage and send him into space.