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Trials Evolution

Trials Evolution Art
Achievements32 / 36
Started18/04/2012 - 2,908d ago
Time Tracked23h 0m
Last Online02/05/2019
PlatformXbox 360
Times Played22
Streak1 / 4


Cult of the Golden Wheel - 20
Find the legendary Golden Wheel of Sir Daniel of Stockport.
Unlocked 16/02/2015
The Squirrels Have Nuts - 10
You don't have to be crazy to find every squirrel in Big Sands, but it helps!
Unlocked 28/07/2014
The Squirrels Have Rabies - 20
Those sneaky squirrels are squeaking again. Can you find all the new squirrels on Paine Island?
Unlocked 28/07/2014
Hey Mom, Look At Me! - 10
Wheelie through the Nuthouse in track “Carnival of Rust”
Unlocked 28/07/2014
The Dystopian - 20
Finish Dystopia without faulting and turn all five traffic lights green.
Unlocked 17/03/2014
Never Say Stop - 10
Zero fault Pump It Up without hitting the brakes.
Unlocked 16/03/2014
Extremophile - 10
All you have to do is pass one Extreme in Big Sands. Just one. You can do it!
Unlocked 24/12/2012
Epic Slam Dunk - 10
Do the most epic slam dunk ever.
Unlocked 08/10/2012
Secret Ops - 10
Finish ‘Recon Rider’ while wearing something suitable, without faulting.
Unlocked 08/10/2012
A Winner is You! - 10
Get a platinum medal on a Paine Island track. Just one. Come on, you can do it!
Unlocked 06/10/2012
Advanced Degree - 10
Pass the Adrenaline Degree Tournament with flying colors
Unlocked 06/10/2012
Extreme Pedaling - 10
Complete track “Back to the Attic” with the Gecko 520.
Unlocked 06/10/2012
Demon on Wheels II - 30
Pass every track in the Flatliner Event.
Unlocked 27/04/2012
Fast Five - 20
Win five matches in public multiplayer.
Unlocked 25/04/2012
Flawless Victory - 20
Finish the ‘Scenic Route’ Tournament without any faults
Unlocked 25/04/2012
Unyielding II - 20
Finish ‘Rock Steady’ without faulting or changing your rider's posture.
Unlocked 21/04/2012
Hard the Hard Way - 20
Finish 'The Ascent' without faulting on the Rattler 125cc bike.
Unlocked 21/04/2012
Extreme Prejudice - 20
Complete any Extreme track.
Unlocked 21/04/2012
Check Out My Ride - 10
Join a public multiplayer match using at least five custom bike and rider parts.
Unlocked 21/04/2012
The Editor's Apprentice - 20
Create a track of your own that has at least three path points, then test drive it.
Unlocked 20/04/2012
Custom Finish - 20
Host and finish a Private or Local Multiplayer match on a User-created Track with at least 2 players
Unlocked 20/04/2012
Community Spirit - 20
Post a time on another player's custom created track.
Unlocked 20/04/2012
The Squirrels Have Eyes... - 30
Find every squirrel location hidden away in the secret corners of the world.
Unlocked 20/04/2012
Full Throttle II - 20
Finish ‘Archipelago’ without faulting or ever releasing the throttle
Unlocked 20/04/2012
Loonie Lander - 20
The hawk has landed. Time to show the flag! (The small one.)
Unlocked 20/04/2012
Burnt to a Crisp - 20
Pass 'Lab Rat' without faulting while constantly on fire.
Unlocked 20/04/2012
Nervous Twitch - 20
Doh! You had a near-perfect run on a Hard or Extreme track, but blew it after the last checkpoint.
Unlocked 20/04/2012
From the Ashes - 20
Finish all tracks in the Walk in The Park Event using the Phoenix 250cc bike.
Unlocked 20/04/2012
The Professional - 30
Successfully complete the single player career.
Unlocked 20/04/2012
School's Out - 20
Pass the A License Test and get the Phoenix.
Unlocked 19/04/2012
Beyond the Wall of Pain - 10
Smash your bike and break every bone in one spectacular crash.
Unlocked 19/04/2012
No Problemo - 10
Pass the D License Test and get your first bike.
Unlocked 18/04/2012
All Is Gold - 20
Receive gold medals in all the Paine Island tracks and skill games.
Atomic Number 78 - 10
It's elemental: Get all Platinums in Big Sands (except Extremes) to qualify.
Ultimate Endurance II - 10
Pass Level 15 in Neverending Trials.
Wail of the Banshee - 10
Zero fault the Hard as Nails tournament using the Banshee.