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Trials Rising

Trials Rising Art
Achievements50 / 53
Started26/02/2019 - 612d ago
Time Tracked92h 55m
Last Online09/04/2020
PlatformXbox One
Times Played60
Streak1 / 22
Total Fails3769
Total Amount of Medals190
Total Career Tracks Completed839


Star of the Southern Hemisphere - 30
Beat all the stadium finals in Crash & Sunburn
Unlocked 11/09/2019
Platinum Deposit - 10
Get a platinum medal on every continent
Unlocked 11/09/2019
Diamond of the Sun - 10
Get your first diamond medal on any Crash & Sunburn track
Unlocked 11/09/2019
Upside Down Squirrel - 10
Find all 18 squirrel collectibles in the Crash & Sunburn tracks
Unlocked 11/09/2019
Leave No Trace - 10
Break into the top secret lab in On The Ice
Unlocked 10/09/2019
That Belongs in a Museum! - 10
Grab the Golden Idol in Amazon Warrior
Unlocked 10/09/2019
Extraterrestrial Tourist - 10
Make your way to outer space
Unlocked 10/09/2019
Crystal Crasher - 10
Explore the crystal cave in Sustainable Mining
Unlocked 10/09/2019
Way Too Shiny - 10
Get your first diamond medal on any Sixty Six track
Unlocked 22/04/2019
I'm Your Huckleberry - 30
Find 14 squirrel collectibles in Sixty Six tracks
Unlocked 21/04/2019
Road Trippin' - 15
Travel 15 miles through the Sixty Six tracks
Unlocked 19/04/2019
Star of the Road - 30
Beat all the Stadium Finals in Sixty Six
Unlocked 16/04/2019
Spelunker - 10
Navigate the underground caves of "The Petrified Forest"
Unlocked 16/04/2019
Infinite Number Of Realities - 10
Travel to a different reality in "Ghost Town"
Unlocked 16/04/2019
Beat the Heat - 10
Brave the burning building in "The Windy City"
Unlocked 16/04/2019
Master's Degree - 60
Get grade A+ in all the University of Trials tracks
Unlocked 05/04/2019
Golden Hero - 120
Get a Gold medal or better in all the career tracks from World Map, including R.A.C.E league
Unlocked 04/04/2019
Trials Ninja - 60
Beat any Ninja track
Unlocked 04/04/2019
All Sponsored out! - 30
Unlock all sponsors
Unlocked 04/04/2019
Unicycle! - 30
Perform a 100 meter wheelie in any career track
Unlocked 24/03/2019
Graduation Day - 10
Get grade B or better in all the Diploma and Graduation tracks
Unlocked 22/03/2019
You are the champion! - 40
Beat the Grand Finale track
Unlocked 22/03/2019
Star of the Stadiums - 30
Beat all the Stadium Finals
Unlocked 22/03/2019
Honorary member of R.A.C.E. - 10
Beat any Extreme track with 0 faults
Unlocked 22/03/2019
Two is Better than One - 30
Beat the Stonehenge track on the Tandem bike with 0 faults
Unlocked 17/03/2019
You almost made it! - 10
On a zero fault run, in an extreme track, fault after the last checkpoint before the finish line
Unlocked 15/03/2019
Wheelferno! - 10
Perform a 10 Second wheelie on the top of the portable toilet in the Inferno V track
Unlocked 15/03/2019
Diamond Squirrel - 10
Find the Diamond Squirrel collectible
Unlocked 13/03/2019
Squirrel Man - 60
Find 30 Squirrel collectibles
Unlocked 13/03/2019
Glam Dunk - 10
Perform a slam dunk in the Ever, Everer, Everest
Unlocked 12/03/2019
Severely Challenged - 10
Beat any of the Monster Mash races using the Squid
Unlocked 12/03/2019
Pedal to the Metal! - 10
Beat any Hard track with the Helium with 0 faults
Unlocked 12/03/2019
Moose Hunter - 10
Find the hiding moose in the UK Upper track
Unlocked 12/03/2019
Oh no, too Shiny! - 60
Get your first Diamond medal on a track
Unlocked 10/03/2019
Feeling Dizzy? - 10
Perform 7 flips in one jump and land it successfully
Unlocked 07/03/2019
Ring Master - 10
Fly through all the fire rings to the remote island in the Wingman track
Unlocked 07/03/2019
Don't you know who I am? - 120
Reach Fame level 50
Unlocked 01/03/2019
The King is dead, long live the king! - 10
Beat the legendary rider Martin Monarch in Highland Fling Stadium Final
Unlocked 01/03/2019
I Can Do This With My Eyes Closed! - 10
Turn off the lights in Wheels of Steel and finish the track in the dark
Unlocked 01/03/2019
Mr. Frosty - 10
Finish the Frozen Fjord track as the snowman with 0 faults
Unlocked 01/03/2019
Take me to the nearest hospital! - 10
Land on the stretchers in the UK Up track
Unlocked 28/02/2019
Human Projectile - 10
Bailout from the top of the ski jump tower in The Flying Finn and make it all the way to the finish
Unlocked 28/02/2019
No Contest - 30
Win a Stadium Final without ever losing the 1st position during the races
Unlocked 28/02/2019
Oh, so shiny! - 30
Get your first Platinum medal on a track
Unlocked 27/02/2019
Feel the flow - 30
Get grade A or better on all the Trials 101 tracks
Unlocked 27/02/2019
You found us! - 10
Find the Ubisoft Redlynx and Ubisoft Kiev offices on the world map
Unlocked 27/02/2019
Training Ring - 10
Jump through the ring of fire in the Braking Bad track
Unlocked 27/02/2019
Unyielding - 10
Finish a track with 0 faults without leaning
Unlocked 27/02/2019
Endless Endo - 10
Perform a 10 second endo in any career track
Unlocked 27/02/2019
What is this? - 10
Find your first Squirrel collectible
Unlocked 27/02/2019
Golden Skillster - 60
Get a Gold medal or better in all the Skill Game tracks
Highway Hero - 10
Get a gold medal or better in all the career tracks from Sixty Six, including extreme tracks
Long Lost Gold - 10
Get a Gold medal or better in all the career tracks from Crash & Sunburn, including Extreme