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Achievements18 / 20
Started19/06/2016 - 1,478d ago
Time Tracked16h 39m
Last Online13/04/2019
PlatformXbox One
Times Played12
Streak1 / 4
Global Score7305094
Inner Beast Level6
A+ Amount10


King of the Schoolyard - 40
Complete your sticker album collection
Unlocked 13/04/2019
Cybercommando - 80
Get an "A" Grade in all main story levels
Unlocked 13/04/2019
All Grown Up Now - 150
Evolve your Inner Beast to its final form
Unlocked 13/04/2019
Epilogue - 40
Watch the secret ending
Unlocked 20/06/2016
The Truth is Out There - 40
Find all five secrets
Unlocked 20/06/2016
We Came, We Saw, We Kicked Ass - 70
You've passed the Trials of the Blood Dragon
Unlocked 20/06/2016
This, I'm Trained For - 20
Cross the track before the train in Final Reckoning
Unlocked 20/06/2016
Go, Ninja, Go, Ninja, Go! - 40
"Blades of the Dragons" has been officially cancelled
Unlocked 20/06/2016
Sing Hallelujah! - 40
You've been to Hell and back
Unlocked 20/06/2016
I'm Doing My Part - 40
The C.I.A. has been vanquished!
Unlocked 19/06/2016
No Fate But What We Make - 40
You've learned the truth. Now work on a plan
Unlocked 19/06/2016
Laser Tagged! - 20
Survive 30 seconds inside the laser pit
Unlocked 19/06/2016
Boomshakalaka! - 20
Score a basket
Unlocked 19/06/2016
Friendly Fire - 40
Get an enemy to shoot and kill another enemy
Unlocked 19/06/2016
You Have Chosen Wisely - 40
Found the mother of all treasures
Unlocked 19/06/2016
Winners Don't Do Drugs - 40
Shut down the TurboCrank pipeline
Unlocked 19/06/2016
Life... Finds a Way - 20
Escaped the fury of a monster
Unlocked 19/06/2016
On Deadly Ground - 20
Welcome to the Trials of the Blood Dragon
Unlocked 19/06/2016
Mark VI - 100
Get an "A+" Grade in all main story levels
Intensive Military Training Complete - 100
You've obtained an "A" Grade in all Intensive Military Training CD-ROMs!