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My Achievements (4,460)

Graduation Day
Get grade B or better in all the Diploma and Graduation tracks
22/03/2019 10 G
You are the champion!
Beat the Grand Finale track
22/03/2019 40 G
Star of the Stadiums
Beat all the Stadium Finals
22/03/2019 30 G
Honorary member of R.A.C.E.
Beat any Extreme track with 0 faults
22/03/2019 10 G
The Big One
Complete ten chapters of "Isha's Taxis".
21/03/2019 10 G
Gate Crasher
Unlocked a Gate on a Map.
19/03/2019 25 G
From Aston Martin to Bentley
Complete ten chapters of "British Racing Green".
17/03/2019 10 G
Two is Better than One
Beat the Stonehenge track on the Tandem bike with 0 faults
17/03/2019 30 G
Bonus Payment
Earned 3 stars in a Bonus Puzzle.
15/03/2019 40 G
A Hidden Path?
Unlocked a Bonus Puzzle.
15/03/2019 30 G
Come Together
Finished your first Wordament Multiplayer game.
15/03/2019 25 G
You almost made it!
On a zero fault run, in an extreme track, fault after the last checkpoint before the finish line
15/03/2019 10 G
Perform a 10 Second wheelie on the top of the portable toilet in the Inferno V track
15/03/2019 10 G
Complete the first chapter of "Isha's Taxis".
14/03/2019 5 G
A Race in the Crowd
Complete 3 Blueprint Events created by other players.
14/03/2019 25 G
You should take a rest!
Complete 3 consecutive #FORZATHON Live events.
14/03/2019 30 G
Spring into Racing
Win all Seasonal Championships in one Spring season.
14/03/2019 35 G
Second Century
Complete the first chapter of "British Racing Green".
13/03/2019 5 G
Diamond Squirrel
Find the Diamond Squirrel collectible
13/03/2019 10 G
Squirrel Man
Find 30 Squirrel collectibles
13/03/2019 60 G
Consistency is Key
Completed 3 consecutive laps in a Rallycross Qualifier all within a second of one another
12/03/2019 30 G
Skill Master
Complete ten chapters of "Skill Streak".
12/03/2019 10 G
This Guy Fawkes
Used Guy Fawkes 25 times
12/03/2019 15 G
Turn & Burn
Use Thrust Too 25 times
12/03/2019 15 G
Glam Dunk
Perform a slam dunk in the Ever, Everer, Everest
12/03/2019 10 G
Severely Challenged
Beat any of the Monster Mash races using the Squid
12/03/2019 10 G
Pedal to the Metal!
Beat any Hard track with the Helium with 0 faults
12/03/2019 10 G
Moose Hunter
Find the hiding moose in the UK Upper track
12/03/2019 10 G
Like You Stole It
Win a Split Screen race in the Pantera GT5
11/03/2019 5 G
Nothing Left
Complete Season 3 Episode 9
11/03/2019 15 G
Peak Performance
Beat 1:02 in the Citro├źn C3 Aircross Time Trial Hannibal Highway
11/03/2019 5 G
Big Strike
Earn all Gold in Season 3 Episode 9
11/03/2019 30 G
Moon Shot
Beat the '62 Corvette Time Trial in under 1:04
11/03/2019 5 G
License to Drift
Drift at least 1000 meters in the Aston Martin Vantage drift challenge.
11/03/2019 5 G
Born Slippy
Drift 950 meters in Driving a Feather
10/03/2019 5 G
Sand Storm
Drifted 190 meters in Not a Tea Cosy
10/03/2019 5 G
Victory Lap
Completed Season 3 Episode 8
10/03/2019 15 G
Gold Bug
Earned all Gold in Season 3 Episode 8
10/03/2019 30 G
Mobile Homing Missile
Completed Drive Fearless in under 0:28 seconds
10/03/2019 5 G
Complete the first chapter of "Skill Streak".
10/03/2019 5 G
Earn 30 stars on "Skill Streak".
10/03/2019 50 G
Triple-A Taxis
Earn 30 stars on "Isha's Taxis".
10/03/2019 50 G
A Pleasant Racing Green
Earn 30 stars on "British Racing Green".
10/03/2019 50 G
Oh no, too Shiny!
Get your first Diamond medal on a track
10/03/2019 60 G
Feeling Dizzy?
Perform 7 flips in one jump and land it successfully
07/03/2019 10 G
Ring Master
Fly through all the fire rings to the remote island in the Wingman track
07/03/2019 10 G
Orbital Obliteration
GTA Online: You killed another player with the Orbital Cannon.
06/03/2019 10 G
Land Ship
Won a Split Screen race in one of the boys RV's
01/03/2019 5 G
Don't you know who I am?
Reach Fame level 50
01/03/2019 120 G
The King is dead, long live the king!
Beat the legendary rider Martin Monarch in Highland Fling Stadium Final
01/03/2019 10 G