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My Achievements (4,816)

Well on Your Way
Completed 25 Online Races
19/09/2020 30 G
Glove at First Sight
Equipped a new pair of gloves from the Podium Pass or Item Shop
17/09/2020 15 G
So it Begins
Completed ranked placement races and achieved a rank
14/09/2020 15 G
Big Name Signing
Successfully hired an acclaim level 15 or higher Driver in My Team mode
13/09/2020 30 G
Show Off!
Completed 5 Invitational events during My Team or Driver Career
13/09/2020 20 G
Finding your Feet
Completed 10 Online Races
02/09/2020 20 G
What do you want, a medal?
Got a League Medal
01/09/2020 10 G
Bragging Rights
Won any online race
01/09/2020 10 G
Its Time for the Perk-olator
Purchased all available Perks in Driver Career or My Team
01/09/2020 30 G
Grab the Popcorn
Spectated an online race
31/08/2020 20 G
Ohh Friends
Joined a League
31/08/2020 10 G
Full Potential
Fully upgraded any facility area in My Team
31/08/2020 20 G
Making Paper
Reached $100,000,000 lifetime earnings in My Team mode
31/08/2020 15 G
Started from the Bottom
Won the Constructors Championship with your team in My Team mode
31/08/2020 30 G
Busy Body
Successfully completed 50 activities in My Team mode
31/08/2020 20 G
The Camera Loves You
Answered 100 press interview questions in My Team or Driver Career
29/08/2020 15 G
Legend Status Achieved
Won the F1 Drivers' Championship
29/08/2020 50 G
Sign on the Dotted Line
Successfully completed a driver or team negotiation during a season in Driver Career or My Team
28/08/2020 10 G
Here Comes the Money
Completed 2 or more Secondary Sponsor Goals in one race weekend
28/08/2020 20 G
Team Building
Purchased any upgrade for a facility in My Team
27/08/2020 20 G
Data Gatherer
Completed 10 Practice Programmes in F1 during My Team or Driver Career.
27/08/2020 15 G
Promising Start
Completed your first race weekend in My Team mode
26/08/2020 20 G
The Perfect Weekend
Set the fastest time in all 3 Practice sessions, took Pole Position and won the Grand Prix
26/08/2020 30 G
Front of the grid
Achieved pole position
26/08/2020 20 G
Dat Reaction Speed (DRS)
Activated DRS perfectly on all zones of any track
25/08/2020 15 G
First Outing
Drove your team's car out on track for the first time in My Team mode
25/08/2020 20 G
Who are you!?
Changed your driver head part way through a My Team or Driver Career playthrough.
25/08/2020 15 G
New Kids on the Block
Set up your own F1 team and showed your car to the world at the pre-season car reveal
25/08/2020 15 G
Make it Yours
Edited a Driver, Car and badge in Customisation
23/08/2020 10 G
My Precious
Set a favourite Trophy
23/08/2020 20 G
Chicken Dinner
Won a Championship Event
23/08/2020 15 G
Become One with the Car
Completed a race using the 'Elite' driver proficiency
23/08/2020 20 G
Get Shifty
Won a race whilst using manual transmission
23/08/2020 15 G
Red River Racer
Completed a 25% or above race at Hanoi
23/08/2020 15 G
We Are the Champions
Gained 9 positions during a wet race at Brazil in the Brawn BGP 001
23/08/2020 15 G
Phoenix from the Ashes
Won a race after starting in last position on the grid
23/08/2020 30 G
Mad Tash for the Finish Line
Won a race in the 1992 Williams FW14B at Silverstone
23/08/2020 20 G
Look at you go!
Played a captured highlight
23/08/2020 10 G
The Orange Army
Won a race at Zandvoort as Max Verstappen
23/08/2020 15 G
One for the 'gram
Made an adjustment within photo mode
23/08/2020 10 G
Who You Gonna Call!?
Beat a Personal Best Ghost and Rival Ghost in Time Trial
23/08/2020 40 G
Ditch the Downforce
Completed a clean Time Trial lap using the 'Maximum Top Speed' car set up preset
23/08/2020 30 G
Filled every sponsor slot with sponsors on a car livery
23/08/2020 10 G
Read information on any car in the showroom
23/08/2020 15 G
Hats Off
Got on the F1 podium for the first time
21/08/2020 25 G
You Didn't See Anything
Activated a flashback
21/08/2020 10 G
Obsolete Models a Specialty
Won the Historic Legends Series
16/08/2020 40 G
Man On The Run
Successfully evaded capture after having a Guard Heat of 100.
27/06/2020 60 G
Grey Matters
Achieved stats over 80 for intellect.
27/06/2020 40 G
Let’s Get Physical
Achieved stats of over 80 for both Strength and Speed.
27/06/2020 60 G