XFactor Tour 2012

I booked these tickets back in November or even October and then just forgot about them. They where sat on my bedside table until the other week when I was looking for something and picked the envelope up and remembered them.

The concert was about 9 days from this point so it was quite a nice surprise.

So when the 21st of March came around, I had my car pre-packed and got away from work an hour early at 3PM. I started my journey to Doncaster to go and get ready at @RebekahEsme‘s house.

I arrived at roughly 16.45 and knew that I didn’t have long to make myself presentable as the doors for the concert opened at 7 and we had to get there and park up. Quick shower and some fresh clothes I was sorted.

Off we popped down the M18 towards Sheffield Arena. We choose not to park in the arena car park fearing it would be a frenzy of crazy people trying to barge out upon leaving time. We parked in a retail park which was about 10 minute walk away which was much quieter.

Once we went inside the arena we made our way to our seats. Located on the arena floor we where about 40/50 rows from the main stage, but only about 2 meters from the little central stage they had.

The show itself was really quite good. They had most of the acts from the live finals bar a few. They sang a variety of covers including Jonny Robinson singing Kyle Minogue (La la laaaa la la la – You know the one I mean) and Kitty Lee singing a few Lady Gaga songs.

With them all changing stages and singing whilst navigating through he crowds we did get some very good views of them. Unfortunately we didn’t take a camera so we had to make do with our phones.

So of my pictures are awful but some came out ok. You can see my photos below.

I also got a few videos of Little Mix singing the winners song which was superb. For me, they stole the show as you would expect with them being the champions.

Ill share the videos once they’ve gone on youtube.

Thanks for reading. 🙂