Osmotherly Hike

An 11.6 mile (18.6 km) hike around Northallerton, North York Moors National Park where the average temperature was 1℃.

We started at 8:05 on Saturday and altogether the hike took 3h 32m 32s to complete.

We managed an average pace of 1.516kph with a max of 2.8kph whilst also climbing 294.9 meters of elevation and an average heartrate of 125.4bpm.

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A fresh morning hike around Osmotherly and surround areas.

19 Kilometer Splits

splitdistancetimeaverage speedaverage HR
1 1001.1m 10m 59s 1.52 128
2 1000.5m 9m 11s 1.82 116
3 999m 10m 3s 1.66 109
4 999.7m 11m 14s 1.52 119
5 1000.2m 11m 47s 1.41 147
6 999.7m 13m 32s 1.47 116
7 1000.7m 11m 30s 1.45 123
8 999.7m 15m 35s 1.09 123
9 1000m 11m 41s 1.43 118
10 999.9m 11m 40s 1.43 149
11 999.5m 10m 33s 1.58 129
12 1000.2m 16m 12s 1.34 144
13 999.8m 10m 52s 1.53 137
14 1000m 10m 13s 1.63 111
15 1001.3m 12m 24s 1.44 109
16 998.8m 9m 36s 1.73 121
17 1000.9m 9m 34s 1.74 134
18 1000.6m 9m 42s 1.77 116
19 635.9m 6m 14s 1.7 128

12 Mile Splits

splitdistancetimeaverage speedaverage HR
1 1610.7m 16m 29s 1.63 126
2 1608.4m 15m 49s 1.69 109
3 1609.7m 19m 8s 1.42 135
4 1609.1m 20m 18s 1.48 119
5 1609.1m 22m 33s 1.2 124
6 1610.2m 19m 16s 1.39 132
7 1609m 17m 29s 1.53 134
8 1609.9m 22m 30s 1.43 142
9 1609.1m 16m 34s 1.62 111
10 1608.6m 17m 57s 1.57 116
11 1610.5m 15m 30s 1.76 126
12 933.2m 8m 59s 1.73 125

36th Cleveland Survival

The 36th annual Cleveland Mountain Rescue survival. Starting in Guisborough heading towards Boosbeck then up Birkbrow on to Commondale, Danby and stopping for lunch at the Yorkshire Cycle Hub for a quick lunch. Then we head back towards Castleton and Commondale and back over the moors towards Guisborough Woods and back down to the start!

Droning In Italy

In August, me and @RebekahEsme where in the car starting our road trip across Europe towards Italy for a family wedding.

It didnt take me much persuading to pack the drone in the boot of the car. I managed to get a few flights in and around our villa (Villa Baroncino) located near Perugia which is about 100 mile north of Rome.

I did have a bit of trouble with the drone while i was over in Italy. Every time i tried to take off in certain areas of the Villa and surroundings i would get a compass error. I tried flying without the GPS but it makes flying difficult and non-enjoyable.

The only remedy i could find was to take a 10 minute walk down the driveway of the Villa and take off near the gates and then fly back.








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Esk Valley Loop

So an early start on Saturday saw us heading further afield into the North Yorkshire moors. 

The destination was Castleton Station over in Eskdale, North Yorkshire. The Esk Valley Loop is a famous walk around some beautiful places in the North Yorkshire moors. A ~16 mile loop, some of it along the old Esk Valley Railway

Although 16 mile is a lot of distance to cover, the walk is quite easy with the major incline towards the beginning and the rest just gradually swooping back down towards Castleton Moor Station. 

Roughly 6 mile into the walk you come across The Lion Inn. Situated just off the road is a beautifully set good ol’ English pub.

A quick pit stop in the form of a pint and we were back on our way. This time walking down the old railway track. This is where you can make up some ground from the pub pit stop as the paths are good. 

Following the maps and the GPS you do go a bit off road where the path is barely visable and your making your own way trying to avoid the boggy bits and across the fjord. 

There is plenty of moments around the Esk Valley Loop where you can just stop and take in the amazing views on offer of the moors. 

With the finish line in site you do have to walk on the road a bit (roughly 100 meters) but that’s all. 

Hopefully this walk will improve our fitness a bit ready for next weekends Cleveland Mountain Rescue Survival. Fingers Crossed!! ?

Some Fitbit Data

Duration Steps Distance Pace Altitude Heart Rate
6h 12m 25s 35,061 16.18 Miles 23’01” 2,236 94 bpm

Mile Pace
1 22’40”
2 22’01”
3 21’45”
4 28’05”
5 22’44”
6 22’21”
7 18’57”
8 19’28”
9 18’53”
10 21’07”
11 32’26”
12 26’43”
13 21’01”
14 22’08”
15 23’59”
16 24’21”
0.17 20’41”

Drone: Infinity Bridge

So i hadn’t used the drone in a few weeks and in decided to stretch its legs.

It was late, but i had never flown the drone in the dark.

The DGI Phantom 3’s camera isn’t the best in the dark which i found out after recording this little montage but its not the worst drone footage….. is it ?

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Chop Gate to Osmotherley Walk

So today me and @Cadab decided to go and do a point to point walk from Chop Gate to Sheepwash (Osmotherley).

This was one of the first point to point walk that we did across the cleveland way. We parked at Clay Bank car park and got picked up over at Sheepwash car park. It was a cold start to the day, but the weather opened up over the moors. There was numerous ascents and descents but nothing to challenging.


We started our hike at 8:31 am and our total duration was 3hr 30mins.

Here is some data tracked from my Fitbit.

Duration Steps Distance Pace Altitude Heart Rate
3h 29m 01s 20,087 9.0 Miles 23’13” 2,210 93 bpm

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Climbing Carrauntoohil

Im not the best at stringing sentences together so here is a little write-up of mine and @Cadab’s climb of Carrauntoohil, County Kerry, Ireland.

An early start on a cold November Friday saw us heading to Leeds Bradford Airport to catch our cheap Ryanair flight to Dublin. We arrived in Dublin around 7.30 and had collected our hire car by 8.00.

Once we had picked up some supplies from a local Tesco (water, fruit, sandwiches and treats) and then a quick McDonalds breakfast we embarked on our 4 hour, 207 mile (333 km) drive to Carrauntoohil.

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