Welcome, Charge HR

Resting HR StatsSo after owning my Fitbit Flex since March ’14 and accumulating a mass total of 2,817,405 steps equating to nearly 1,500 miles i have decided to upgrade to a new type of wearable tech.

Sticking with Fitbit as i like there style of products and there website / app i upgraded to the Charge HR. The HR standing for Heart Rate!

Yes, ive been waiting for this little gadget to be released for about 6 months now. The Charge HR’s smaller brother, The Charge was released back in November ’14 and it was crammed with some new cool features.

Crammed with features such as;

  • All day active tracking including steps, calories, floors climbed and active minutes
  • A smart OLED display which display modes, date and time and stats
  • On screen caller ID which connects VIA bluetooth to your smartphone
  • A excellent 7 – 10 days battery life
  • Auto sleep detection with silent alarms

The Charge HR does have a shorter predicted battery life as it supplies continuous heart rate tracking 24 hrs a day.

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Lego Simpsons House

Title – Simpsons House
Build Time – 8 hours
Pieces – 2,523
Purchased – 1st June, 2014
FlickR Linkhttps://flic.kr/s/aHsjZwysGP
Lego Linkhttp://shop.lego.com/en-GB/The-Simpsons-House-71006

So as soon as i heard the news that Lego where going to release a Simpsons House model i knew i would have to buy it.

The build took me about 8 hours in total over 4 days. There was so much detail in every room. I was surprised at how well it resembled the one that i had seen on TV pretty much all my life.

The set wasnt just the house, it was a lot more. There was plenty of other accessories that you see on the program as well. The car, mailbox, BBQ, skate ramp, sun loungers and many more.

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Its A Digger…

Title – Lego Excavator
Build Time – 5 hours
Pieces – 1,123
Purchased – 8th November, 2013
FlickR Linkhttps://flic.kr/s/aHsjM8Wsu7
Lego Linkhttp://shop.lego.com/en-GB/Excavator-42006

So this is my third Lego Technic build and is model 42006. (You can see all my lego builds here: http://bonxy.info/?tag=lego)

So i bought this a few months ago. I really enjoyed this build and i think this model is a bit more functional than your everyday tow truck.

Lego Excavator

Lego Excavator
I personally didnt think the tracks would work to well on this model but i was wrong. They took a while and where a bit fiddly to put together but they make the model totally unique.

There is 2 switches for gear selection at the back of the model.
– One controls the top boom forward and backwards motion, flick it the other way and it controls the bottom boom.
– The second controls the opening and closing of the claw which has a really strong grip which i proved by lifting cans up off the side of the sofa! 馃榾

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My Mini Adventure

So after months of searching for the perfect Mini Cooper S for myself i finally found and purchased the perfect one!

Mini Cooper S

Red Cooper S. Bought with 45,000 miles.
– Electric Wing Mirrors
– Electric Heated Leather Seats
– Front Spot Lights
– Union Jack Decal
– 17 inch 8 Spoke Alloys

I Love It!!

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Another Lego Truck

Title – Service Truck
Build Time – 5 hours
Pieces – 1,275
Purchased – 13th October, 2013
FlickR Linkhttps://flic.kr/s/aHsjKGNV1B
Lego Linkhttp://shop.lego.com/en-GB/Service-Truck-42008

Well after buying my first Lego Technics model back in January (http://bonxy.info/?p=16269) I decided it was time to invest in a bigger one.

My birthday wasn’t far out so I decided to go for the Lego HGV Tow Truck (42008).

Lego HGV Tow TruckThis one unlike the other was fully motorized with hydraulic T-bar and boom including winch. It also had rear stabilizer legs for picking up heavy loads.

This one was far more complex that the first one and the main gearbox to control everything was a lot more complicated and fiddly. Once the engine and the gearbox was built it went quite easy from there.

Lego HGV Tow Truck Lego HGV Tow Truck

In total I think it was a 1500 piece set and took around about 5 / 6 hours to complete.

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I think this is the best game I’ve ever played!

The size of the map, the quality of the story, the artwork involved and all the silly side missions that keep you coming back for hours!!

I haven’t even mentioned the different cut scenes you see when changing between characters or just cruising to top of mount chilliad on a quad bike.

It’s amazing!!

I’m not going to post any spoilers in this post so you are safe to read on.

I’ve been playing this game for 12 days now and have accrued 53 hours to the minute of writing this post. (You can follow my progress here: http://bonxy.info/xbox/1414793383) and have a completion percentage of 86.47% so yeh, I’ve been playing it quite a bit.

Personally I thought the story was brilliant. I liked the intreduction of heists and the fact you can plan them to your own taste makes it a lot better.
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QuizzleMe is an all new type of APP available on iOS and Android.

The idea behind the APP is you have a question and 5 possible answers. You hit the answer as fast as you can. Your time is calculated at the end of the round (5 questions per round) and then sent to your opponent. They will then take there turn on the same questions and the winner is decided at the end of the round.

Coins are used in the game. They are awarded for winning a round, even awarded for losing around. You can then use your coins to purchase premium categories of question which you might have more knowledge about than the standard categories.

You can easily search for your friends in the game and also invite contacts straight from your phone book.

You can download QuizzleMe by visiting this link: http://bonxy.info/xf4h.


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PHP Widgets

As some of you may know I’m currently in the process of create my very first WordPress plugin (Xbox Achievements).

The idea behind the plugin is you will enter your gamertag in the settings and the rest is done by the app. It will download your game library and achievements for display on your blog.

Achievement Widget
One of the main features I’d like to include is a recent achievement list. Everyone wants to know what the last achievements you earned are? What games you have been playing recently?

So, I decided to include a widget!

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Lego Tow Truck Build

Title – Tow Truck
Build Time – 4 hours
Pieces – 953
Purchased – 19th January, 2013
FlickR Linkhttps://flic.kr/s/aHsjDERGCZ
Lego Linkhttp://shop.lego.com/en-US/Pick-up-Tow-Truck-9395

I was as excited as a fat kid in a sweet shop when I got my Lego Technic Tow Truck.

Lego Technics Tow Truck Box As a kid I had loads of Lego. I used to build anything. I think I was about 9/10 when I got my first ever Lego technic set. I got a green dump truck. I was only young so don’t think I could build it that well. Now I look back to it was over 1500 pieces!

So, after reading a thread on a forum I go on where a lad got a Tower Bridge Lego set. This went on to loads of people going out and buying some amazing Lego models. I shopped around for a good few hours before I came to the decision that I wanted the Crane Truck (8258).

Lego Tow Truck

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