Yorkshire Wildlife Park Visit

RebekahEsme has been pestering me for a while to take her to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park which is on the outskirts on Doncaster.

We got to the wildlife park at about 1PM on an overcast saturday. The weather did lift though and the rest of the day was fine!


When walked through the car park towards the entrance and you could hear the sound of lions roaring. Scary times! We paid our money to go in and started our journey around the park.

Becks had the camera at hand but i did help out in taking some of the pictures. The first animals we met where the meerkats. They where like a show piece for everyone who came in the park to see. They had two big pens which where filled with about 10 meerkats each.

They are quite funny creatures. They run all over the place, up and down logs and then just stop and hop up onto there hind legs and look around. Then they will do it all over again!

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