I think this is the best game I’ve ever played!

The size of the map, the quality of the story, the artwork involved and all the silly side missions that keep you coming back for hours!!

I haven’t even mentioned the different cut scenes you see when changing between characters or just cruising to top of mount chilliad on a quad bike.

It’s amazing!!

I’m not going to post any spoilers in this post so you are safe to read on.

I’ve been playing this game for 12 days now and have accrued 53 hours to the minute of writing this post. (You can follow my progress here: and have a completion percentage of 86.47% so yeh, I’ve been playing it quite a bit.

Personally I thought the story was brilliant. I liked the intreduction of heists and the fact you can plan them to your own taste makes it a lot better.
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PHP Widgets

As some of you may know I’m currently in the process of create my very first WordPress plugin (Xbox Achievements).

The idea behind the plugin is you will enter your gamertag in the settings and the rest is done by the app. It will download your game library and achievements for display on your blog.

Achievement Widget
One of the main features I’d like to include is a recent achievement list. Everyone wants to know what the last achievements you earned are? What games you have been playing recently?

So, I decided to include a widget!

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Xbox Achievements Plugin

As some of you may know, i built a site which tracks gamertags. It creates game logs for every game you play and accounts achievements you earn.

Anyways, onto what i want to talk about.

I always wanted to integrate some xbox live stuff into my blog. A friend of mine @Cadab had already created a nice little xbox widget for his blog.

As you can see, he has a nice little widget which sits on his blogs sidebar and grabs the last 5 achievements which then link to a nice page which displays all his games from a database.

So, i wanted to create one for myself. I had all the data i needed already. xBonx was tracking all my gamerscore and achievements already so i could just select from the correct databases and supply my gamertag and boom, id have all the date.

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Wordament Icon
Wordament is a boggle based game for your mobile device.

At current, the only supported platforms for Wordament is Windows Phone (WP), Windows 8 (Win8) and iPhone / iPads (iOS). You sign into the app using your Xbox Live gamertag. The game integrates with Xbox live, using your friends list to add them as ‘frenemies’ so you can see there scores inside the game.

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Forza Horizon

I know i have not blogged in over 2 months and there isn’t really a reason why.

Nothing much has changed, i am now a year older since my last post, and i’m also running #Windows8 on my laptop.

Anyways, as you can probably guess from the title this blog post is going to be about Forza Horizon.

The demo for this has been in the xbox live market place since the 9th of October and then was released in europe on the 26th.

I bought this game yesterday (3rd, Nov) and i already think its amazing. Totally different from any other Forza game i have played before. The fact i can come on, and spend 10 minutes or 2 hours driving around the HUGE map and just exploring or doing the daft race here and there really excites me.

The photo mode, which ill be honest, ive never used on a Forza game before this one is amazing. I can spend ages just trying to find the right shot to snap.

Btw. You can view my whole online Forza gallery here:

Of course one of the key features of the game is the multiplayer. The fact i can sit with friends and drive around this huge map and have races in between ourselves is brilliant. The more the merrier in my opinion.

Ill leave you with one of my favorite images from the game so far.

Mini Cooper S

10,000 Gamerscore

Finally after having my xbox for roughly 6 years i have reached the 10,000 G milestone.

Today i unlocked the achievement Manual Transmission achievement whilst player the original DiRT game. This was my 622nd achievement on xbox live.

10,000 G Achievement

Wonder how fast i can reach 15,000. 🙂

Marble Blast Ultra

Marble Blast UltraName: Marble Blast Ultra
Platform: Xbox Live
Genre: Strategy
Xbox Link: Clicky
Progress: Clicky
Compare To Bonxy: Clicky

Comments/Write Up
Marble blast ultra is one of the oldest xbox live arcade games around. @Cadab had this before me and probably influenced me to buying it so I did and started playing on the 15 May 2008. The game is based on you moving a marble around different maps and collecting gems or beating certain times to the finish line.

Watch the video below to get a feel of what i am talking about.

Yesterday/Today i was browsing on True Achievements and i found some achievements that i did not achieve but where easily achieveable.

So i turned on my xbox and started playing Marble Blast. I went on multiplayer which i dont think id ever played before and got my first achievement.
1st Achievement

I just had to win my first online multiplayer match. Pretty simple!

2nd AchievementSecond one to achieve was to collect a total of 75+ gems in an online game. Pretty easy again!

3rd in line was a bit more difficult. Finish every game in the game. I only had one more to go but it was the Schadenfreude.

In German Schadenfreude means joy in others’ pain or pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others.

3rd AchievementThis is the last level in the game and the hardest. After a long long long attempt (20 mins and 36 seonds) i finally completed it.

After this was the Easter Egg achievement.4th AchievementEaster Eggs are hidding content that are put around the levels for players to find. They are usually in the most obscene places where no one would think to ever look. Well i used youtube videos to source the eggs and after about 2 hours i finally got the achievement! 😀

After this i had 2 achievements to go. One was to score 2000 points in total in online multiplayer matches. This will come with time so there is no real rush for this, the other was to complete all the missions, like the above achievement, but under the par time specified for the missions.

5th AchievementThe last mission, which was the only one i had not completed under par time was infact the Schadenfreude. It had to be completed in under 3 minutes 30 seconds which if you have ever played the mission or seen it you will probably think it was immpossible. Well, I DID IT. Twice infact, as i signed in on @Cadab profile and completed it on there cos im such a good friend .

So happy i got this far. So all i need to do is complete the multiplayer one and then ill have completed the game. So over the next week im probably going to chip away at this achievement until it pops up.2000 points in multiplayer mode

I shall update this when i do.

Bonxy signing out.

DiRT 3 Completed!

Super Star achievement
Finally, the day has come and i have achieved my last achievement ‘Super Star’ in DiRT 3 and im so happy.

Name: DiRT 3
Platform: Xbox Live
Genre: Racing
Xbox Link: Clicky
Progress: Clicky
Compare To Bonxy: Clicky

This is my first xbox live game that i have ever finished. Ive always liked the DiRT games and DiRT 3 was by far the best in my eyes.

I bought all the extra DLC packages so got the full 1250 G.

Im now going to attempt to complete DiRT 2 as there isnt many more achievements i need to complete it and then that will leave me with DiRT 1 which i have everything to complete. lmao.

Im going to go back to racing now. Bye!


Ok, this is probably my favourite game for the xbox but it is acctually full of retards.

Rallying always has been, and always will be a non-contact sport. I know this a game and sometimes people cant help it but OMG. Some of these are dumb.

You get an extra ranking as a driver which can go to a highest of ‘Honourable Driver’ which means your a good driver and play fair (No crashing into people or objects). But when other people start crashing into you on purpose because your over taking them and then you role or hit a tree you lose your ranking which is flipping stupid.

It really annoys me which is why im venting my anger on here where probably nobody will see it rather than over xbox live!

Kinect Adventures

With all the family coming around for christmas it was time to bring Kinect down to get everyone involved in.

I dont have many games for it, Kinect adventures being one and Dance Central being the other. I have recently downloaded Hole in the Wall which i got discounted off majornelson as part of the christmas bundles he was offering.

So with Kinect set up we all got involved.

Here are some of the videos and pictures from today.

Amy and Adele on Kinect Adventures

Amy on Kinect Adventures

Chloe on Kinect Adventures

Adele on Kinect Adventures

Thanks, Sam!


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